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Friday, April 15, 2005

Art history class notes artwork on eBay for $25k

John Jordan is selling three pages of his art history notes on ebay for $25,000. He is claiming that:

More importantly, this definition lets me, now as an artist, decide what art is. It’s an empowering definition. The numerous classes I have taken, the art I have studied and seen, and the history that I know put me in a position to produce art. So, now I would like to introduce my first work as an artist.

John Jordan obviously is making a statement about art. Not so much that what he's selling is art, but that by the definition of art it makes him capable of defining whatever he wants as art:

Art is what the artist decides it is, and, to a lesser degree, what the art community accepts.

I find the whole thing very refreshing. Sometimes art seems more like masturbation than actual art, and parallels can be drawn to many different areas of life. Music, literature, gaming, all can be totally unaware of their own bullshit at times.

Link via Boingboing