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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I'm a Communist

BoingBoing has an article pointing out a debate being hosted at Cornell College about Filesharing. The debate has an amazing pannel of experts ranging from lawyers, professors, the lawyer behind Napster 2 and the CEOs of the MPAA and RIAA.

You can download the video or the audio in two formats: MKV Torrent(video) OGG Torrent (audio). If you need a player to play these formats you can download the VLC Media Player.

The debate is 3 hours long and I'm still listening through it, but already it's an engrossing event. I'm just glad that I'm not actually in the audience because RIAA and the MPAA are my Nemesis and I'd be the one in the background doing the boo-ing.

I'm going to put some quotes that I find interesting here:

RIAA, "Half of the songwriters in Nashville are unemployed"
*Audience laughs*
RIAA, "That wasn't a joke!"
*Audience laughs again*

EFF senior IP attorney, "Why would you enforce restrictions on your customers which would drive them away to Free Filesharing alternatives? Why would that be your business model?"

RIAA, "Lawsuits provide great incentive [to buy music]" *audience laughs*

EFF senior IP attorney, The movie and music industry always says they love technology. But what they don't love, is they don't love their customers using technology. Especially when it's used to create, use and distribute content. It has been this way throughout history. The music industry has always been against new technology which supports new artists. But in reality, in each case of this new technologies, they have eventually created more money for the very industries that were against them."

RIAA, "We're all making a large amount of money off of our rhetoric, why would we want to change?"

Link BoingBoing)