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Monday, May 23, 2005

MPAA upset about Star Wars on the Net

When Star Wars Episode III came out so did an illegal copy of it on the Internet. What's interesting though is that this time it wasn't some guy bootlegging a copy in the theatre. The movie was released from within the publishing company, which means one of their employees did it. The MPAA was quick to then blame pirating and bittorrent for their loss of money.

But you know what? George Lucas isn't going to lose any money, he's making boat loads of it. Lucas recovered the production costs of the movie before the movie came out, strictly due to advertising contracts. And people aren't going to download the movie and then not see it in theatre, they want to see it on the big screen. The only people who download and then don't go see it in theatre are the ones that wouldn't have gone to see it anyway.

You can watch NBC's report on the subject. George Lucas is even quoted saying:
"Because of [piracy] I'm glad I'm through with Star Wars."

Really Mr. Lucas? You're glad you're getting out of making all your piles of Scrooge money? And you're glad you're through with Star Wars? Hmmmm... What about that TV show you've been working on?