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Friday, May 20, 2005

Star Wars Episode III Impressions

I went to see Star Wars Episode III last night, and although I enjoyed it more than the first two movies there were a lot of problems with it overall. The problems weren't even with the special effects or anything like that, but rather the writing and the acting.

Here's a list of things that were wrong with the movie
-When the Jedi were betrayed, they all died very easily. Why is it that a single Jedi could defeat half a droid army, but be unable to defend himself from a couple of clone troopers?

-Jedi are the best fighters in the universe, but when they fought Darth Sideous, three Jedi were killed with one stroke each.

-Anakin could detect his mother in danger across the galaxy, but he couldn't detect that his wife was pregnant, let alone with twins.

-For that matter, the Jedi couldn't detect that anything wrong was going to happen to them... Most of the time. Yoda seemed to know what was going on the whole time, but did nothing

-Anakin and Padmé are the most awkard lovers ever.

-Anakin has the strangest sense of logic I've ever seen. He believed that the Jedi were going to betray the Senator, but he had no problem betraying the Jedi first. He also sees nothing wrong with slaughtering hundreds of defenseless men, women and children in order to keep his wife alive. He believes in democracy, but supports the idea of an Emperor. He wants peace to come to the republic in the name of the senator, but has no problem with the fact that the senator started the war in the first place.

-A lot of the scenes came off extremely cheesy, like that Vader/Franekstein scene.

-Making the robots cute and amusing isn't necessarily a good thing. That goes for Yoda as well

-Why did the emperor's face change after he fought the Jedi? That was never explained

-The clones turned on the Jedi; why? It was never explained why they did it. Were they programmed that way? Did they have loyalty to the senator instead of the Jedi? Do they just do whatever they're told?

But despite all the criticism, I really did enjoy the movie. I just wished it made more sense, I could even ignore the bad acting if I had to.