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Friday, May 06, 2005

Why Naruto Movies are teh Suck

After watching the Naruto movie, The Snow Princess and feeling largely disappointed I realized what was missing from the movie that made the TV show so entertaining. Substance. Although Naruto himself was the same guy from the TV show, and actually evolved throughout the movie, the rest of the cast did not. The movie revolved largely around a the Snow Princess, a character that only served as a foil for Naruto to interact with.

The Snow Princess has the same problems as The Jump Fiesta movie. The storyline felt like a convenient offshoot from the TV show that neither added or subtracted from the TV show's mythology. Infact, if you never watched the Naruto movies, you wouldn't miss out. The badguys are underdeveloped and discardable, they have very little character, unlike the characters in the TV show. Even firmly developed characters feel hollow and... Different. Sasuke is probably the best example of this. In the TV show Sasuke is a loner, aloof and arrogant. But he isn't just some guy who is skilled and quiet, he has character even if it's subtle. In the movie(s) Sasuke doesn't add much to the story, and usually he even compliments and supports Naruto, which is probably the biggest problem. Sasuke and Naruto, although friends, are bitter rivals. Naruto wants to be like Sasuke and have his respect, while Sasuke considers Naruto to be a bumbling idiot who just gets in his way. They argue and glare at eachother all the time, they don't work very well as a team and only very rarely and grudgingly admit respect for eachother. In the movies, Sasuke is far too nice and co-operative with Naruto and it just feels plain wrong.

I can admit that the TV shows sometimes frustrate me by moving too slowly, or nothing really happens in an entire episode, but usually when this happens, the show is leading up to a huge animation showcase. Recently the show had been revolving around a fight between Sasuke and Naruto. The fight itself has been proceeding slowly because Sasuke has been having flashbacks explaining his childhood for most of the episodes. But recently the fight has become the main focus, and suddenly it's become an incredible event. Episodes 132 and 133 are probably the most exciting I've ever seen in the series, which is significant because when juxtaposed with the movies, which I just recently watched, point out some of the major flaws that the movies contain.

Episodes 132 and 133 could be used as examples, to people unfamiliar with Naruto, for reasons to start watching the show.