I'm a Human Inbox

Monday, June 13, 2005


There's an interesting article on Woostercollective which is talking about the war between corporate graffiti artists and non-corporate ones. It seems that some companies are hiring graffiti artists to do advertisements, and other graffiti artists are taking those ads down. It's an interesting role reversal. But the main question is, when does art become acceptable? Does it only become acceptable when it starts making money and is bought?

One of the things that we find the most interesting about all of this is that for years and years people have been complaining that graf is a blight to society. That it's ugly. That it creates crime. That it destroys neighborhoods. And because of this, artists get arrested. Walls get buffed. Newspaper articles get written about graffiti as nothing other than vandalism.

Okay so now, the new wave in advertising is outdoor advertisements that use actual graffiti in the ads. Time Magazine is the latest one to do so with CopeII. But what's so fucking hypocritical is that when the graf is paid for - when it's an "ad" and no longer an original piece of art, it's suddenly okay. It's accepted. But it's the same shit!

This article tackles a lot of interesting and complex questions. Check it out.