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Thursday, June 23, 2005

CNN talks about videogames... With Jack Thompson

GamePolitics has a transcript and commentary of CNN's Nancy Grace and Jack Thompson speaking about "25 to Life", a yet unreleased game which has been gaining press because of Senator Charles Schumer's attack on the game.

There are some really amazing quotes here:

Grace: We censor porn...

Lombardi: ... and you know I`m not saying it`s OK.

Grace: ... don`t we? We censor porn. Why would we let there be cop-shooting videos?

Lombardi: We have movies where cops are killed, and we have many instances of people who have killed...

Grace: But kids can get this!

Lombardi: ... who we can show they can have watched such movies...

Grace: ... children can get this, Jack Thompson!

Lombardi: Yes. The 1st Amendment, people who understand the 1st Amendment know does not protect the right of a company to sell an M-rated game to a child.

Grace: Jack, Jack, I`ve...

Thompson: Children don`t have a 1st Amendment...

I like how they compare video games with Porn. Wow... I just don't know where to start with that one. Oh, and kids don't have a 1st Amendment. I never knew that! I'm so glad I'm considered an adult now because now I can finally say things. I guess this Blog would be considered illegal if I was 13.

In any case, read through this stuff, it's pretty interesting. It really shows that media will forever be blamed for society's problems, and it will be done through ignorance.