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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Colin Powell on the Daily Show

The Daily Show has a pretty interesting interview with Colin Powell. I'm always surprised by how pleasant Jon Stewart is towards guests on his show that he has a difference of opinion with. Instead of asking really "tough" questions, the discussion is always very pleasant and down to earth.

At the same time, Colin Powell is still full of shit. I like the man even though he's pandering to Bush. The Drowning Street Memo is mentioned, but avoided just the same.

Stewart: The Downing Street memo this, uh…

Powell: The Downing Street memo. What did he do at the time the Downing Street memo was being written and presented to Prime Minister Blair? President Bush and I and my other colleagues were in discussions about how to take it to the UN in Sepetember of that year. And so we took the problem to the UN, because the UN, the international community was the offended party. Their resolutions that were not being obeyed over a 12-year period. So there were differences of opinion within the administration as to how long one should wait, what should be the events that say this is enough, we can’t take any more. War could have been avoided if the international community, I think, had held firm with Saddam Hussein and insisted that he meet the requirements of that first UN resolution. Give a full, fair and honest disclosure…

You can read a text transcript of the interview here. Be sure to check out the video interview, it's pretty interesting.