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Friday, June 24, 2005

IGN Cube's Editor personal feelings for HD

Last week I pointed out that Matt Casamassina was ranting about Nintendo's lack of HD support for the Revolution. Matt was ranting about it in the mailbag section of the website, and although I disagreed with his opinion, it was still a valid opinion for him to make. But lately it's been getting pretty ridiculous, and Matt's personal feelings about the subject have been obviously leaking into the rest of the IGN Cube portion of the site.

Infact, a new website called 1080up.org has surfaced in order to encourage people to write to Nintendo and do something about the issue. IGN points it out and obviously supports it, and interestingly enough Matt's name and rants are at the top of the "What people have been saying" page.

The problem isn't that Matt has a personal opinion about the subject, it's that Matt as a reporter should not be pushing his obvious bias in his articles that he writes. Matt is not acting like a reporter on this issue, instead he is acting like a concerned consumer, something I do not think is appropriate.

In a discussion between Matt Casamassina, the editor of IGNCube.com, and David Gornoski, the Editor-in-Chief of NintendoNow.com Matt says:

If you read our article, we don't exactly dismiss Nintendo, either. There's a difference between a news piece on our site and a rant in my mailbag section. The mailbag is a forum for editorializing. It gives me a chance to share my opinions to readers.

Link (via IGN Cube)