I'm a Human Inbox

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Intertron

I've mentioned this before, but Penny-Arcade puts it really well.

I can't imagine how counterproductive those MPAA clips before movies have proven to be. It may be that you have not yet been insulted by one of these, but the only way to one-hundred percent guarantee that you will be harangued thus for piratical acts is to enter a theater and see movies legally.

...the last time he managed to fit a first-run theatrical release into his life, they chastised him for things he hadn't done - might never have done - while simultaneously directing him to an Aladdin's Cave of jewelled fruits and ambulatory carpets.

To the people who "do" steal movies, they are being chastised for actually appearing out of their cesspool, and paying in a legal manner. And the ones who are innocent, they are exposed and chastised for an act they never committed. It is seriously offensive and shortsighted of the MPAA. But it is a tune that has been playing throughout modern history.

I think that perhaps each time I go see a movie at the theatres, and I'm exposed to those ads, I will complain to manager. It is undoubtedly within my rights.