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Thursday, June 16, 2005

The path less traveled

I had a discussion with a friend of mine last night, which became a little heated and covered a lot of different topics. My main point was that the focus on high end graphic technology was hurting games as a whole, and that more emphasis was needed upon other areas of game innovation. Among such things I believe that game design, genre expansion and the target audience should change. The issue itself would take too long to go over here, but there is one thing that I think everyone will agree on.

Nintendo is planning on going down a different path, than Sony and Microsoft, the next generation.

Press the Buttons has a balanced article summing some of that up:

The truth of it all is that there will always be gamers who would rather blow things up and drive very fast instead of explore fantasy kingdoms and interact with virtual pets. The former may well outnumber the latter. It would seem that the video game road is diverging with Grand Theft Auto and other complex games going down one road and games with simple yet addictive concepts such as Pikmin and Nintendogs down the another. Just how many travelers will follow [Nintendo] down this road remains to be seen.