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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Possible Nintendo Revolution Controller Revealed?

There's a rumour going around that this might be the Nintendo Revolution Controller. I'm not banking on whether this is the controller or not, because Nintendo has said that they're still working on it, but I do think that having a visual mock-up like this provides excellent discussion.

Other thing that this shows, is that even with a picture, controllers are really hard to figure out until you get your hands on one. Many people thought that the N64 controller was psychotic, until they got a chance to use it. Heck I still think the N64 controller looks ridiculous.

But what seems to be going on in this picture is a number of things. First, the controllers are wireless and gyroscopic. It also seems that the front of the controller has the movement buttons/stick and the back have the buttons. It is possible that the controllers buttons are modifiable, and interchangeable. In any case, imagine playing a racing game using these controllers. If they're gyroscopic, you would only need to turn the controllers like a steering wheel. I'm fairly sure such controllers would be sensitive to 3D motion, as in up, down, left and right. Perhaps they can even sense how far apart they are from eachother? Imagine being able to use each controller independently.

Nintendo did say that one aspect of the controller would be that it would have the ability to play games from every Nintendo system, which could indicate an interchangeable control scheme.

The ideas presented by this picture are pretty awesome, regardless of the authenticity.