I'm a Human Inbox

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Someone keeps stealing my letters...

"Just Letters" is a strange little game. You log on and all you see is hundreds of little fridge magnet letters. So you decide to start spelling things with the letters and suddenly you find your letters running off somewhere else. So you drag your letters back, trying to spell "Wowzers", but the "W" keeps wandering off. Slowly you realize that you're not playing alone!

"Just Letters" is a multiplayer spelling game. Up to 50 players can be logged in all competing for the same letters, and weird little goals usually arise from playing this game. Last time I played, I started dragging every letter I could to the bottom of the screen. Soon enough people had divided themselves into teams and were trying to get all the letters to the top or the bottom of the screen in an attempt to... I have no idea.