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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Boy Stabs Baby Because of The Incredibles

Although there has been a lot of stories as of late, especially baby stories, I am seriously hoping that this story does not incite anti-videogame-violence campaigns.

The boy, who has not been named, told police became frustrated when he kept "dying" in the game while his seven month-old nephew cried in a nearby room. In a fit of rage, he stabbed the baby in the stomach with a knife.

Gavin Burrell QC said that the stabbing occurred at a time when the family was experiencing a great deal of strain - the boy's sister was in hospital and his mother was caring for her own children along with the baby.
The boy, who had always been "the baby of the family", felt pushed out, and said he "wanted to send it back," his mother told the court.

Prior to the incident the boy was caught playing truant, and told a teacher: "There is a lot going in my head." Crying, he explained that his family was caring for a baby who was noisy, saying: "The baby is doing my head in." He also told teachers that he was being bullied.

There's a simple reason why there shouldn't be any linkage between videogames and violence here. First of all, the boy obviously realizes what a huge mistake he made here. Secondly, The Incredbiles is probably the worst example of video game violence that you could draw from. Thirdly, it sounds like this boy had a lot of external mental stress in his life and that something would have made him snap sooner rather than later.

But man, can I appreciate the frustration of dying over and over. I mean, short of taking it out on the real world at least.