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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Impressions

Oh Tim Burton, how I love thee. You make me very happy indeed. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is very much a Tim Burton movie, and it uses his classic tricks. Tim Burton knows who he likes to work with, and that's Danny Elfman for the music, and Johnny Depp as the lead. I've never heard anyone complain of his frequent use of those two friends, and I for one think it's a winning combination.

The thing about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that I loved, was how sinisterly creepy it was. Although the factory itself seemed to be somewhat a character in the movie, I feel that Johnny Depp was, by far, the main draw. Depp made Willy Wonka, a creepy spectacle in very subtle way. It's very hard to pin down why Depp made Wonka so creepy, but I think I've figured out a few of the tricks. First of all, Wonka's smile is inhuman. I kept trying to count how many teeth he had in his mouth, I swear that it's more than a normal person would have. Wonka also has no I-Teeth, something my friend Heather pointed out. And lastly, when Wonka smiled you could see every tooth his mouth, he smiled a lot but it was a soulless smile, and it didn't reflect in his eyes or face. Another thing was Wonka seemed to have colour drained out of him. While every character and prop in the movie was infused with bright colours, and although Wonka himself wore a barrage of colours, colour seemed to warp out of him. He looked like a walking corpse, as if he were a black-and-white character in a colour movie. Wonka wore plastic gloves, making his pale face the only skin that showed on his entire character. Whenever Wonka tried to say the word "Parents", he looked like he was swallowing vomit in his mouth, and he frequently had flashbacks and psychotic habits.

The Oompa-Loompas were also a source of creepiness. They were all the same, hundreds of clones that were identical. Whenever a child, "died" they would come in, sing a song, dance and clean up the mess with Willy Wonka dancing quietly in the background, completely unconcerned with the children's welfare.

This movie is absolutely wonderful, sinister, strange and creepy. I love it.