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Friday, July 15, 2005

GTA: Hot Coffee Mod

If you've missed all the coverage on the Grand Theft Auto: Hot Coffee Mod; well that's excellent. Really. You're better off not knowing about it. But just in case you want to know, it's basically a mod that allows a sex mini-game on Grand Theft Auto. Obviously, the moral leaders are having a field day with this news. I didn't want to talk about it because the whole issue really annoyed me, but lately it's started to get interesting mainly because of one man. Can you guess who it is? It's Jack Thompson.

Here's some basic reading for you if you need to catch up on this:
Game Politics has a lot of good information on the Hot Coffee Coverage.

What really struck me was when Jack Thompson gave retailers until noon on Thursday to pull GTA off the shelves. Of course nothing happened, what did he expect? I think Thompson feels that his importance and influence falls somewhere between the President of the United States and God.

After his letter didn't work (duh), Jack Thompson sent an open-letter to ESA calling for President's Resignation. Of course that didn't go as planned either: ESA's response. And finally, Hilary Clinton takes a stand against GTA, and is being coached by Jack Thompson.

There is one thing I have to admit, and that's that Thompson really seems to get his fingers into high profile media coverage and events. Who else can claim that Hilary Clinton hired them to wage war against... Anything?

But the thing that gets me is the real lack of knowledge these people have about games, or the gaming industry. None of these people have played video games, and none of them have played Grad Theft Auto. If they really knew anything about video games, they'd be after God of War, which has nudity and a sex scene from the second level, and is much more graphically violent than GTA. They also seemed to have forgotten about 25 to Life, which they were up in arms about last week. This isn't about videogames, or violence, or children. This is about money and political agenda. What is scary, is that Bush has a better handle on this than Clinton. When asked about what he'll do about violent videogames he shrugged and said, "Let the parents deal with it".

I still remember watching a news show where a mother was complaining about how violent Mortal Kombat was. She then leaned over to her young kid, who was playing the game and said "Do the finishing move thing for the camera honey".