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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Nintendo DS on the Rise

Lately I've observed a rise in good-will towards the Nintendo DS. For a long time gamers have been voicing their doubts about the system and poking fun at its gimmicky nature. But lately, the DS has been getting a lot of gamer love.

Today Gamespy wrote an article entitled "Kanpai!", claiming that the DS is an early start to Nintendo's Revolution.

The DS could have been the new Virtual Boy, but instead it's becoming the new Famicom Disk System: it's blessed with a wide range of popular software that appeals to the whole family, it's cheap [and] it's doing things which haven't been tried before.

At the same time Penny Arcade is admitting a DS turnaround and Gamespot's Greg Kasavin went out and bought a DS so he can personally play all the games during his own time.

I'm not writing about the DS because I'm pandering for Nintendo. Infact, I don't even want a DS, not yet at least. But the thing is, I feel the DS is showing Nintendo's philosophy in practice, and will lend a lot of hints for how it will handle the Revolution down the road. But really, the DS is all about one thing right now. Great games.

As a last sidenote, the Nintendo DS music game Daigasso! Band Bros. is going to get an expansion pack in the form of a Game Boy Advance game pak. I find this exciting because I've always liked the idea of the E-Reader but I always felt it was marketed more towards little kids.