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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Something Awful Interview on G4

This is really hilarious. David Thorpe and Lowtax decided that they were going to lie through the whole interview and make it sound like they're horrible horrible people, and that they have a horrible horrible site. Which is pretty much exactly how it is, but that's besides the point.

Lowtax: I think you should concentrate on making SA seem like the worst site in the world. Come off as a real jerk. Refer to SA by the wrong name, like "Something Is Awful dot com" or "Some Things Awful." Make up facts about the site. Claim I'm in jail. Say we're being investigated by the FBI.

Lowtax: Seriously, make sure everything you say is 100% wrong. Don't answer any questions legitamately. I want people who never heard of SA before the interview to think it's a horrible site and never want to visit.

Lowtax: say I couldn't do the interview because I'm under house arrest

Lowtax: If I look at the SA stats and notice traffic has spiked after your interview, I'm going to know you did a terrible job

What's funny is both David and the G4 interviewer had straight faces throughout the whole interview, except for the end when G4 was just like "Whoookay! What the heck?". Brilliant.

Link (via Something Awful)