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Thursday, July 14, 2005

This Spartan Life: Halo 2 Talk Show

This Spartan Life is an interesting experiment, one I hope continues. Spartan Life is a talk show, except that it's set in the Online Halo 2 universe. This means that the hosts and his guests log onto Halo 2, and have their talk show, usually with other players in the game with them. The other players don't really realize that there's a talk show going on, so it's interesting seeing the host and guests interact with the players during the show.

Episode 3 is easily my favorite. It has the host of the show protecting his guest, being half distracted by other players. The host definitely is a good Halo 2 player and he does a great job of taking out pesky players. The guest, who isn't a gamer seems fascinated by the shows concept asking the host questions like "Is glitching a verb?" or "Can people have sex in this game?". It's hard not to laugh as the discussion gets interrupted by another player and the host takes him out with a rocket launcher.

Link (via Kotaku)