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Friday, July 08, 2005

Zombies attack Live Action Roleplayers

BoingBoing has pointed out an event in which people dressed as Zombies attacked a large group of LARPers(Live Action Roleplayers). The LARPers were dressed in armour and carrying weapons made out of duct tape when they were unexpectedly attacked by Zombies (forgive his horrible spelling):

then it was time to attack, we spotted the nerds from a distance. they outnumbered us eavily. and they had big weapons and big shields. and what did we have? nothing. were dead. we dont care. we hid in the woods for a moment and then all started screaming out guts out. the duct-tape warriors were all lined up with swords out when we emerged from the woods.

and then started the greatest battle this mountain ever saw.

we realy didnt know what to expect. were the duct-tapers gonna join in the game? were they gonna go easy on us or hit as hard as they could?

most of them hit as hard as they could. since we were already dead...we were never realy dies. we didnt play by any rules. we just attacked. we stile their weapons and hit back.

You can read a Blogger's experiences being one of the Zombies. Be sure to check out the pictures, there's some really great Zombies in there.

Link (via BoingBoing)