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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Moongirl is a work in progress CG Short Film by Henry Selick, and what's shown so far is wondrous. Although the boy looks a little freaky, the short reminds me of childhood readings and imaginations.

Take a look at the boy who catches a catfish made out of stars and is taken on a ride through space to the moon. Sounds trippy no?

Link (via Drawn!)

6 Player Mario Party Arcade

Kotaku pointed out this Nintendo Arcade system, which he was originally confused about but a reader updated him on what it actually was:
[This is] a six-player arcade version of Mario Party. The machine features both video minigames and physical minigames. Players compete for capsule toys.

That's pretty awesome, I'd love to give that a spin at the mall. I have no shame or something.


Expensive System Launches

Joystiq has an interesting article comparing the launch prices of expensive gaming systems in response to people's criticism for the Xbox 360 price. Did you know for example that the NES debuted at $512.19 (adjusted for inflation) when it first came out? Ouch.

Link (via Slashdot)

Multimedia on the Subway

I am loving this nerdy art trick that was set up on the subway. Using a Mac, a Projector and some suction pads this guy attached his computer to the subway and let it play black and white animations on the subway walls while the train moved. The video clip is beautiful in itself and I like the pictures of the passengers looking out the window to catch the unexpected show.

But here's a tip. Attaching an unknown metal box to the subway car is not a good idea in this day and age.

Link (via Giant Mecha)

The Brick Testament

The Brick Testament is a retelling of the entire Bible using Lego! Although I'm not religious I can still appreciate the talent it took to do hundreds upon hundreds of scenes in Lego. Seriously, this is a massive undertaking and it's done with style, and wit.

Each section also has little content warnings on them. N for Nudity, V for violence etc. I personally love the scenes with blood in them because the Lego blood is amusing and well done. The website is also available in book form and are used to teach kids about the Bible in a new and fun way.

Hah, I think it could be used to teach Lego nerds in a fun way.

Link (via Grumpy Gamer)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Simpsons Tetris

Check out this Simpsons clip where Homer uses his Tetris skills to pack the family car.

Mmmmmmm. Human Tetris Pieces. *Homer Simpson drooling sounds*


Standing up to the Record Industry

There's been a lot of bru-ha about a mother standing up to RIAA's lawsuits lately. Apparently it's the first lawsuit to actually end up in court after 13,000 filed suits against music downloaders because everyone has settled outside of court.

The transcript for this court case has been hitting the Internet and it shows a refreshing lack of patience by the Judge for RIAA's arguments. The lawyer for the mother has also spoken up saying that he will fight RIAA's shaky lawsuits:

We expect Ms Santangelo's costs to be picked up by the RIAA, since (a) the copyright statute permits the Court to shift the attorneys fees to the losing party, (b) these cases were clearly frivolous and brought in bad faith, and (c) it is a matter of public interest that the RIAA be deterred from bringing more such meritless cases...

We will fight to the end. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't take on something unless I am prepared to fight to the end. Also, anyone who knows me knows that the one thing I can't stand is a bully. The RIAA will give up long before we do, because sooner or later it will dawn upon them that their attorneys are taking them for a ride...

As far as I am concerned there should be no limit to how many people we can represent. If we have too many cases we can hire more lawyers.

I have long wondered what I would do if I was to be sued by the Record Industry, and in this case it would probably be the Canadian Record Industry, CRIA. Although it would be a scary financial situation, one that I might potentially never recover from, I think I would like to fight it. I would have a very hard time convincing myself that I did the right thing if I gave up my rights because I was worried about money.

So good luck Ms. Santangelo, I will be watching and hoping for the best. You have immense courage to stand up to a multi-billion dollar industry when you're a single mother with 5 kids at home. You are my hero.

And yes, that's a picture of me.

Videogame Studies are Flawed

I don't put much stock into studies about videogame violence regardless of their findings. There are too many studies out there, and they balance eachother out in their conclusions, and it makes it hard to trust them when there seems to be no conclusive results. But one thing I agree with is the statement that research needs to be done over a longer period of time.

I’m not saying some games don’t lead to aggression, but I am saying the data are not there yet,” Williams said. “Until we have more long-term studies, I don’t think we should make strong predictions about long-term effects, especially given this finding.

Another problem though is that studies need to be done on a larger age group, and a better variety of games need to be sampled. You can't just pick one game and base your conclusions on gaming violence based on that. Nobody would dare do a study on violence in movies based on one movie.

One thing that always concerns me is when politicians and media groups attack videogames as a blanket issue. When this happens, it is usually quite apparent that there is a lack of understanding of the medium, and that most people don't know the good aspects that gaming can provide.

Some game researchers believe that video-gaming leads to substantial gains in learning teamwork, managing groups and most important, Williams said, problem solving.

“How often can someone direct and coordinate a group of eight or 40 real people to accomplish a complex task, as they do in these role-playing games? That’s a real skill.

“Games are about solving problems, and it should tell us something that kids race home from school where they are often bored to get on games and solve problems. Clearly we need to capture that lightning in a bottle.”

I completely agree with this statement. Although I won't defend videogame violence, I will contest anyone who tells me videogames are entirely bad for gamers. Gaming, especially online enabled gaming, has complex and involved communities of people communicating, creating and organizing. As entertainment I believe that gaming can be much more complex than TV, movies and music and allows much more intimate involvement.

As a brief example, I was playing Timesplitters 3 last night and I was pleased to realize that the map creator tool enabled players to share their maps with other gamers and had complex searching tool which allowed players to find the best ones. Timesplitters is a violent game yes, but it allows players to communicate, compete, create and share. Try that at the movies.

Link (via Game Politics)


This is a new word for me, but I figured I should post about it because I'm a Blogger. Hell, even if you're not a Blogger, this is an important lesson, and although I haven't lost a job over Blogging, I've gotten myself into trouble because of it.

2. dooced
Getting fired because of something that you wrote in your weblog.

"Blogger Heather B. Armstrong coined the phrase in 2002, after she was fired from her Web design job for writing about work and colleagues on her blog, Dooce.com" (Source: Yahoo.com)

5. dooced
To have all social hell break loose when people you know and/or family members finally find and read your blog.
I went through a lot of trouble to keep my blog anonymous. It's just not worth getting dooced.

I recommend you click on the Dooce website and read the "About" section of her site, it's pretty well written. Also, if you're wondering why I used that image up there, I dunno. I just like Stopping Hammertime.

Link (via Dooce)

Car Bomb Commercial

This is a quick and simple car commercial that really got itself into trouble, even on the Internet. Of course they would never show this on TV, but it'd be nice if they had the balls to do it. This is an old one, but it's still pretty funny.

Link (via I Hate My Cubicle!!!)

Monday, August 29, 2005

Identity Crisis: Nintendo Commercials

4 Color Rebellion has an interesting article talking about the duality of Nintendo Commericals. On one hand you've got the amazingly funny Mario Kart Double Dash and the surreal Oompah-Loompah-like Pikmin Commercial, and on the other hand you've got the Girl and Boy Nintendog Commercials.

Nintendo seems to have both good and bad commercials showing their lack of understanding for American audiences. Although I've pointed out the Boy Nintendog's commercial already, the Girl's one is even worse. A bitchy girl who is giving up her teddy bear for Nintendogs sounds like a good idea on paper, but comes off as insulting. Do girls really call their outfits "Volcanic"? If they do, they suck.


Pencil Sculptures

Check out a couple of fantastic sculptures made out of pencil lead by Dalton Ghetti. Dalton uses a microscope to create these miniature pieces. It's a pity though because I'd love to see more of his work showcased on his website.

If you're interested in pencil art like this, check out the Pencil Spine Sculpture as well as a previous post about Pencil Carvings. Also of note is the Pencil Blog which features all things pencily.

Oh and one last thing, (I seem to have a lot of stuff related to writing tools don't I?) and that's Pen Juggling.

Link (via Boing Boing)

Stepmania at 16 Beats a Second

This guy is a Machine! Busting out 16 keystrokes per second on his keyboard he manages to get 799 Marvelous notes and 49 perfects. This seems almost inhuman and must wreck havoc on his keyboard not to mention his fingers. I'm impressed, it's seriously amazing.

And... I suck at rhythm games.

Link (via Kotaku)

Crazy Escher Car Commercial

It took me a few moments to figure out what was going on in this commercial, and I had to rewatch it a couple of times before I saw everything. If you don't know who Escher is, click here to see some of his drawings to get an idea of what I'm talking about. Crazy, surreal and subtle architecture which is physically impossible.

Mmmmmmmm, artsy.


Playing a Platinum Record

This little story made me laugh. Have you ever wondered what a Platinum Record looks and sounds like? Well here's an account of someone who owns one, and he's what he found, it wasn't what he expected.

  • The hole in the middle was the size of the hole in the middle of a CD.
  • There is extra space around the outside of the record that gets covered by the matting which makes it larger than a standard 12" LP.
  • There is only information on one side of the "record."
  • The thing is extremely thin as well. Like tin can thin. Thinner even.

But that's not the craziest thing, apparently the record had to be played backwards, and when he did he found that it wasn't even his songs which he won the record for!

The tracks were not what the same as the ones that are on the compilation record. After some research I think that the tracks are from a Salsoul Orchestra 12" single. I don't know who they are, but I downloaded a snippet of one of their songs from the single and I think it is a match.

Follow the link to read the full article.

Link (via Waxy)

Super Mario Bros Supershow

Yahoo is hosting the Super Mario Brothers Supershow and you can go over there and watch it for free while you're waiting for it to come out on DVD.

Although I can't recommend watching this as a good show, I can recommend it for nostalgia or curiosity's sake. I only vaguely remember it from childhood and I never really got to watch much of it. This show is bad, but it makes me wonder how many shows from my early childhood sucked this much. I'm pretty sure that shows like Dinoriders, Care Bears, the Smurfs were all pretty awful, but I was happy to watch anything animated back then.

Link (via Boing Boing)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Nintendogs Inspires Developers

4 Colour Rebellion has a great spoof on Nintendogs and takes a guess at what other companies might call their games. My favorite is Namco's Namcobras especially since everyone wants a pet snake simulator.


Networks refuse to run critical ad

Take a look at this commercial which network affiliates refused to run because it was critical of their coverage of the crisis in Darfur. The Ad basically criticizes the "fluff" like the Michael Jackson trial and news about Tom Cruise instead of news which may actually be important.

Also, take a look at this Salon article talking about images and stories which fail to be reported because most news stations are uninterested in portraying information about the war in Iraq.

Link (via Oliver Willis)

Bloodhound Gang: Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

I'm going to tell you a shameful secret of mine. I love The Bloodhound Gang. Although normally I attest that I have good taste in music, I will admit that my love for Bloodhound Gang is far from a healthy choice. But I'll tell you what I love about them all the same.

They are almost the exact opposite of me, and I probably would hate their guts if I ever met them in person. But as a band, they do nothing but amuse me with their immature antics and their surprisingly cleaver lyrics.

Even so, I seriously don't know why I'm going to encourage you to watch their newest music video, Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo. Is it the Banana car? Is it the moronic scarf that the singer is wearing? Is it the retarded dancing that goes on? I have no idea, but regardless I can't stop listening to Bloodhound Gang. There, I've confessed my darkest of secrets.

Warning: Questionable Taste in Humour


What a Crappy Present

I like this site, taken from a child's perspective of the music industry this page serves to educate parents about how "lame" buying CDs are for Christmas.

The Company that made this sued my Friend
If you knew someone who'd just been sued by one of the big record companies, you wouldn't want to buy any of their products either. Families like yours are literally getting pushed into bankruptcy. Why not buy music from record labels that don't sue their fans?

Rock on.


The Weekly Un-Postables

From Boing Boing:
91-year-old Sydney man walking every street in town
Pledge to poison a registration database this November 13!
Iranian postcards of western actresses in Muslim attire
Geek Squad oppressed by The Man for "unique color scheme"
FBI stages fake wedding, invites mobsters, arrests gift-bearing guests
Water color paintings of Bikini Atoll A-bomb tests

From Kotaku:
GameCube, 2 Games, 2 Controllers=$60
Real Life and Gaming Blends
Zelda Halo Mod

Streaming television from around the world
Bad Parents
Why We Fight - or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Support Grand Theft Auto
Is MySpace deliberately ugly?

Weekly Roundup

Once again here's the Weekly Roundup:

I'm a Human Inbox's Favorite Post of the Week:

Spin: The Power of Music

This video was down for a couple of days after I posted it because it was getting so much traffic, but it appears to be up again. If you haven't watched it, I encourage you to do so. It is easily the most interesting short film you'll see in a while. So far Spin has gotten 25 clicks

Reader's Favorite Post of the Week:

5 Men in a Limo

5 Men in a Limo won the Reader's pick this week because Oliver Willis picked it up for some reason and it got 1042 clicks. I'm a little confused as to why Oliver Willis picked it up because his site is largely a political site about American politics.

Dancing Matt won with 39 clicks for the post without being linked to. Odd that, I thought most people wouldn't appreciate his silly dancing.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Start Up Sound

This is an example of the most annoying start up sound for a computer, ever. First it shows someone with a normal Windows start up sound. I like how the people in the library perk up once they hear that sound. But then the guy on the left brings out his Mac (I think it's a Mac) and turns on his computer.

I'm surprised he wasn't stoned to death.


Updated Doom 3 Trailer Impressions

There's a new Doom 3 trailer out there, and I really really hate to admit it but it looks like they're doing it right. It's starting to look very similar to Doom 3, they've got it on Mars, they've got first person perspective scenes and they've even got the monsters. The FPS scenes will be an interesting experiment. Although they look pretty good, do they translate well for a movie?

I think the fans have very little to complain about now, so I guess the question now is, will it suck?

Link (via Wonderland)

Art Pad

I love this tool to create your own paintings. After you make a painting you can send it to people so they can watch you create it. You can also view other people's paintings and watch step-by-step how they did it.

But I must admit, using this program frustrated the hell out of me. I can actually draw quite well, but for the life of me I can't use a mouse to draw. I couldn't make anything I was happy with even though I knew how to draw it. Mouse muse die!!!

Link (via Wonderland)

The Ex: Voodoo Man Knife Holder

You know, I'm having a hard time putting an adequate description for this item. I think the title and the picture pretty much says it all. Now if only the figurine made little screaming noises whenever you put a knife back. Stabby Stabby.

Link (via I Hate My Cubicle!!!)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Durex in a Car Door

A condom commercial? Doesn't sound like my thing really. But when the President of Durex condoms, Brian Durex, goes to the trouble of showing how awesome his product by slamming his wang in a car door, it's hard not to laugh. Penny Arcade would be proud, he said wang.

Besides, he's a great actor. The screams of pain sound so... Real.


Get it off Your Chest - Ask Jack Thompson...

GamePolitcs has landed an interview with Jack Thompson, and for today only, you can submit your own questions to Jack Thompson and he will answer them. I was hoping to post about this later because this came after an interview on CNN, with Jack Thompson, that I was hoping to find a video of. You can find the transcript here and I'll make an update if I manage to find a link to the video itself.

I've already posted a comment and I encourage anyone who is interested to post one of their own. Remember, keep it civil. Yes, I know it's hard. Here's my question to Jack-o

You've mentioned before that you have children. I'm wondering what kind of guidelines you have for your children, and what kinds of media they're allowed to consume?

Do your kids play videogames? Do you have a PC or any consoles in your house and what games do you have for them? If/when you buy games or movies for your kids, how do you decide what they're allowed to play?


China Thought of the Gamers

A little while ago I mentioned that China brought in regulation to limit the kinds of online games Children can play. It is now illegal to PK a child while playing online. Also brought up was a system which would limit the amount of time people could play online videogames.

On Tuesday China announced the official plans for this system.

The new system, developed under the guidance of the GAPP, stops individuals from playing online games for more than three hours by cutting the abilities of game characters. The new system cuts the ability level of a player's online game character by half after he or she has played for more than three consecutive hours. Once a player has played for more than five consecutive hours, the system cuts the ability level of that player's character to the lowest level allowed by the game.

...Players must be logged off for a minimum of five hours before the system resets.

The GAPP has defined the playing of online games for less than three consecutive hours as "healthy," playing three to five consecutive hours as "tiring," and playing for more than five consecutive hours as "unhealthy".

Well, now that they've dealt with videogame health they're steamrolling their way onto Human rights, Pollution and Labor laws.

Link (via Slashdot)

Bender Casemod

Check out this Bender Casemod from the show Futurerama. It has a terabyte of storage, it's eyes glow and it has a button on it's ass that says "Bite my shiny metal ass" when you press it. My favourite part about it is how CDs are loaded through Bender's mouth.

A couple of video clips of the Bender Mod can be found here.

Link (via Boing Boing)

Videogames Cause Pregnancy

65 out of 490 young ladies who attend Timkin High School in Canton, Ohio are pregnant, and according to a local Ohio newspaper, video games may be to blame.

Whose fault is it that more than 13 percent of Timken’s girls are with child? Some would say fault-finding isn’t a fruitful exercise, but in this case, it’s critical. Suspects range from movies, TV and video games to lazy parents and lax discipline. Only one thing is sure: Schools don’t impregnate children.

This can probably mean a number of things:

  1. Timkin High School is playing a new virtual sex game that we don't know about. It must be awesome!
  2. There may be a videogame peripheral out there that is loaded with samples of real semen.
  3. This is another case where the Hot Coffee Mod is destroying our children because now it's getting them pregnant.
  4. All this talk about making games more realistic has gone too far. Videogames are now fucking our young girls. It's a good thing the boys can't get pregnant from videogames... Actually maybe we should look into that.

All of this may be only part of the problem because apparently bad parenting, watching TV and listening to music can also get you pregnant. And don't even get me started on books! Also of concern are activities such as crossword puzzles, boardgames, swimming and horseback riding. The suggested precaution is to get your daughter to hang out with nice, good looking, muscular boys. These boys will help protect your daughter from pregnancy by leading them away from videogames and movies.

Link (via Joystiq)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Jack Thompson: Ace Video Game Attorney

Check out G4's video Jack Thompson: Ace Video Game Attorney. You gotta love how he slaps a statue of Snake from Metal Gear Solid, and gets down and dirty with a copy of Grand Theft Auto in his office.

I think Jack Thompson should be featured in more episodes and become a regular. Constantly on the lookout for naughty games. In search of Justice in a corrupt world where people enjoy having fun.


Spin: The Power of Music

This video was unexpectedly good. Using the power of music a DJ sets up his spin table and struggles against fate itself by remixing reality. Each time the DJ changes something in a minor way in order to help people, something turns out horribly wrong. Although it is never directly stated who he is, the DJ character comes off being almost god-like, or an angelic presence.

Warning: Fantastic

Update: This video has been getting so much attention that it's crashed the host's servers.

Hi all, I'm with Double Edge Films. I want to say thank you all for watching our film "Spin". And thanks for the great comments. We've had so much traffic for "Spin" in the last week that we crashed our server. It's back up and running so I apologize for any delay.

Unfortunately the servers are still down at the host site. I recommend that you check back every once in a while so you can catch this, it's worth it.

Link (via Milk and Cookies)

Storm Trooper Arrested by Force

A Storm Trooper was surrounded by the Force today. The Police Force.

Janesville police got a surprise when they responded to a report of an armed robbery at the Ramada Inn, 3431 Milton Ave.

The alleged suspect was dressed as a Stormtrooper, a soldier for the Galactic Empire in the science fiction movie series "Star Wars."

"Apparently some people who saw him felt there was a threat," said Sgt. Kay Nikolaus of the Janesville Police Department.

Owned! By someone who has never seen Star Wars. Oh yes.

Link (via Boing Boing)

5 Men in a Limo

Take a look at this short which features the 5 most prominent voice talents from movie trailers. You know all those deep, rumbly and expressive voices you hear when you watch a trailer? Well they're all here, in a car doing a short film. Actually it's a little unnatural to see/hear so many people who have voices who are bigger than they are.

I like how the Disney voice guy is practically shunned by everyone else.

Update: You can also find this video on IFilm

Link (via Boing Boing)

The Art of Retouching

Everyone knows that models in magazines are retouched with an airbrush, but did you ever know how much they do it? Check out this website where they show examples of before and after by swapping the photo when you hold your mouse over the picture.

It's amazing, they can control everything in the picture from the lighting, skin tone, eye colour, hair volume, the curves on your body, adding or subtracting large amounts of unwanted body pieces and more. I've seen an entire boob replaced, arms entirely redone and tattoos added. It's pretty scary, and most of the time we don't even realize what the person really looks like.

Link (via Giant Mecha)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Brickfest 2005: Lego Building Competition

Check out Brickfest 2005, a Lego building competition where Lego constructions of every kind are built and displayed. It was a little tough to choose a picture, there were so many great entries that I had a hard time picking just one. There's a life sized 3D Homer Simpson made out of Lego. There's space ships and castles and murals. There's even a movie theatre of Lego people watching their favorite movie.

The picture above shows an authentic replica of a 1943 Japanese battle cruiser which took over 400 hours to complete.

High Speed Balloon Popping

Take a look at this Flickr gallery of Balloon Popping taken using a Highspeed camera. Wow, look at that go! It'd be neat to see a slow motion movie of balloons popping as well.

Link (via Boing Boing)

Ebay Auction of 2080 Nintendo Games

Check out this crazy Ebay Auction for literally thousands of Nintendo Games. Here's the break down for the game collection:

  • 1313 NES games
  • 530 SNES games
  • 237 N64 games

The Auction is currently at 44 bids for $8,000.00 and the shipping is a whopping $450. I want to know what the winner is going to do with all these games. I think he should build a fort out of it with a sign that says No Girls Allowed. Check it out and take a look at the other pictures and the massive list of games... How long did that take to type out?

Link (via Fazed)

Revolution has been NURBed

There's been a lot of rumblings from the gaming media that Nintendo is going to release some info on the Revolution. Matt from IGN Cube's mailbag has stated that Nintendo will be saying something soon and when asked more about it:

In your last mailbox you mentioned that there would be more information about the revolution shortly after Leipzig. How educated of a guess is this?

Matt responds: I wouldn't call it a guess.

Now Computer Games Magazine is saying they have the inside scoop on what the controller is. It looks like they're implying that the controller will have force feedback. CGM says:

...[T]he Revolution controller will feature a device that provide "resistance to being tilted". It doesn't sound like much, but to accomplish this, the controller would have to generate a sufficient force of inertia.

Along with this, Gaming Age is saying:

Apparently the Revolution will utilize a new form of a polygon currently referred to as a NURB or nonuniform rational B-splines. These NURB's are said to be able to generate very detailed graphics within an enormous scope.

Given the inherent design of NURB curves, the Revolution could be substantially smaller and less powerful than the competition but would still be comparable.

Keep in mind these are all unconfirmed rumours at this point. So let's see what happens tomorrow, you know I'll be listening.

Link (via 4 Color Rebellions)

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Again, I wish to indicate that I don't want to partake in the Evolution vs Intelligent Design debate which is running across the Internet due to the Kansas schoolboard. But I cannot further ignore the Flying Spaghetti Monster phenomenon that is going around, it amuses me far too much (especially since it has it's own Wikipedia entry):

The Flying Spaghetti Monster is the deity of a parody religion, known as Flying Spaghetti Monsterism, started in June 2005 by Bobby Henderson as a parody of the decision by the Kansas State Board of Education to allow intelligent design to be taught in science classes alongside evolution. The "religion" has since become an Internet phenomenon garnering many followers (sometimes referring to themselves as "Pastafarians") preaching the word of their "noodly master" as the one true religion.

Boing Boing has been covering TFSM a lot lately and recently a reader submitted this:

Dr. Hovind is willing to pay any individual a quarter of a million dollars to anyone who can give any empirical evidence for evolution.

In response Boing Boing replied:

We are willing to pay any individual *$250,000 if they can produce empirical evidence which proves that Jesus is not the son of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Today a Flying Spaghetti Monster Bumper Sticker has shown up.



Awesometown is surely the most awesomest town ever, which you'll understand once you see it. Awesometown somehow has Jack Black handing praise over to the guys from The Lonely Island, and the project was made as a pilot for FOX and MTV.

The Lonely Island is a group of comedians, and their website is host to a large number of great skits and videos. I haven't had the opportunity to see everything they've done yet, but what I have seen is hilarious and I will probably post a couple of other examples of their work on here at a later time.

Now go watch Awesometown and give an exploding high five!


Monday, August 22, 2005

NES Controller TV Remote

Check out this step-by-step page for how to turn your dusty old NES controller into a remote control for your TV. Although I wouldn't risk taking apart my remote control and then attempt to put it into a NES controller, it's still a neat idea. It's sure to confuse your friends when they come over.

Link (via Waxy)

Advance Wars DS Commercial

This commercial for Advance Wars on the DS is definitely not a Nintendogs Commercial, thank God. I have nothing against Nintendogs though, infact I'd probably buy it if I had a DS, but that commercial was awful.

In any case, the AW commercial hits a good note. I like it when the DS commercials do the "What if real life was similar to how you played this game?" thing. Watch these old army men fight like little boys.

Link (via 4 Color Rebellion)

Music File Sharing to be Offered Legally

This is fantasmagorial news.

PlayLouder MSP, an ISP in the UK, has secured a license from Sony [and other independants] that allows its customers to legally share any song in the Sony-BMG catalog with any other PlayLouder MSP customer, and to download these tracks from any ISP customer in the entire world.

Basically, as a customer for this ISP you can download any song you want, for free. You don't pay more than other people for Internet access, this service is bundled with your Internet connection. You can download any song you want, at any quality, in any file format at any speed. PlayLouder will keep track of which files have been traded on their server, and then pay the labels accordingly.

PlayLouder MSP is using audio-analysis software provided by Audible Magic to analyze the P2P traffic that it can detect on its network and count approximately how many times each track is traded, and will deliver that, along with a cut of its revenue, to Sony.

Why, why why hasn't this been done sooner? I really hope this catches on because this is a solution that I think everyone, the Record Industry and their customers can agree on. The customers aren't really paying much, or any money, and the music industry is getting money for their songs. This also allows the strengths of the Internet to fuel people's desire for music without it being illegal. This is a win-win solution. If the music industry dismisses this solution and makes this an isolated case, I will lose what little faith I have left in them.

Check out Boing Boing's Article as well, it covers some details that the main article does not.

Link (via Boing Boing)

Typo Gun

Typo Gun is a great typing game where you type the words above the enemy tanks in order to fire on them. Some tanks will drop powerups and you have to quickly type their words in order to receive the item. I was surprised by how well the action worked here and I think it's because it would take about as much time to turn the gun around, aim and fire as it would to type most of the words.

Great stuff. It's a small download, it's fun and you can claim that you're learning new words and bettering your typing skills. I made it to 6 and a half minutes on my first try, how far can you make it?

Link (via Pixel Kill)

Karate Masta

Similar in execution to Matrix Table Tennis, Karate Masta expertly uses Ninjas in the background to enhance the drama of the show. I won't describe what you'll see here because it'll ruin the surprises, but it will definitely make you laugh.

Go Stealthy Theatre Ninjas go!


Chinese Ice and Snow World

Dear lord, just when I'm about to post about this website I find something new. This Blog details the Ice and Snow festival in Harbin, China, which is broken down into a number of sections. There are scores of amazing pictures and very detailed accounts about what is going on here. Just when I thought I saw the last of it, I realized that he also described his experiences from last year as well. I've got my work cut out for me in exploring each picture.

In anycase, the picture above shows the Summer Palace, made out of ice. Even the ground that people walk on is made of ice, and beneath it lights illuminate it.

Link (via Boing Boing)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Dancing Matt

Quitting his job, Matt decided to dance his way across the world. While I don't think he should get into full time dancing, traveling the world and getting his groove on in every country he can, is a wonderful idea. Dance it up Matt!