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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Pac-Man Song

Adam, a guy from work sent me a song that he did about Pac-Man. He downplayed the song so much that I was expecting something just above awful, but it turned out to be pretty good. I'm going to give it a thumbs-up for the best Pac-Man song I've heard, not that I've heard other Pac-Man songs. Here's the email he sent me with some comments and the lyrics for the song:

This is a song about Pac-man that I recorded with my friend Tyler. I did the music; Tyler did the lyrics and vocals. The song might be a bit of an acquired taste, but it features a bitchin’ (if I do say so myself) solo made entirely out of noises recorded off a vintage Pac-man arcade machine.

A note on the lyrics: the metal segment is from Pac-man’s perspective, and the jazz segment is from the ghost’s perspective. I know, it’s kind of awkward.

Start Over
by Mostly Harmless

Inky, Blinky, Clyde, better move aside
Energizer ride for the cherries
Pinky cannot hide in the blue divide
Ghost and Man collide, he gets buried

Time's up, Pinky takes a stand
in the center of the map
His two eyes float away and
here he haunts again

His eyes rebound with delight
As I scramble to the right
Appearing on the left, why won't this maze end?

And you start over, and you start over.


Ten less pellets in the maze, each phase looking all the same
so level with me, man I think I've done my part

The miss fending for herself, peaches dancing off the shelf
each risk i accept brings me closer to the start

[Begin Jazz Angle]

Our dots: they aren't yours for free
They help sustain electromagnetic frequencies

Little Bashful needs his vitamins to glow brighter
Pokey's learning hard to be a ghost writer

Melt your pie face off the floor
you're not welcome with us anymore

Trespassing like it's your home
your score climbs, while you're on a flat plateau
Hunger is so self-deceiving
but all you do is keep repeating

And you start over, and you start over.
We can't give you credit, we're hardly supporters

[Return Metal Angle]

... well watch out pal, cuz I've got a quarter!

We can't share so on I go,
Scoreboard numerically overflows
again a zero and I'm choiceless to continue

I hope your eyes make it back safe
Tomorrow is like yesterday
and while you're haunting me, the past is haunting you