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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Casshern: Review

I watched the movie Casshern last night, (which I pointed out the trailer and the torrent in an earlier post which can be found by clicking the above picture) and I must say that it totally sucked.

There were a lot of good things about this movie though. The visual style was excellent. It was gritty, stylistic, and looked like an Anime come to life, and as a huge Anime fan I consider this a good thing. At some points it reminded me of Sin City in the way that it used Anime conventions visually. The speedlines that are common in Anime were here, as were sparks of energy when hits landed and swords clashed. A couple of Anime fighting cliches appeared here in an excellent way. For example, two fighters would run at eachother, slice and pause in a finished fighting stance for a while until one of them fell over in a spurt of blood. Any Anime fan will notice these sorts of cliches and be happy that they're in this movie and that they look so cool. There were even a few 80's Anime sound effects in here, which were a nice touch. There were also a lot of complex ideas about governments, war, human rights and life and death which I enjoyed.

But this is where things start to fall apart. I felt that the trailer was better than the actual movie. There were only a couple of good fight scenes, and the rest were very awkward and uncomfortable looking. But the main problem was that a large majority of the movie made no sense. There are quite a few things in this movie that are never explained, are inconsistent or are just plain confusing. If you would like to read about these problems, click below on "Read More", but be warned it will be full of spoilers.

Read MoreHere's a list of the things that didn't make sense to me:

  • A bolt of physical lighting (as in a lightning-like structure) from space hit the science facility and brought people back to life. Why?
  • The people who were brought to life climbed a mountain and one of them yelled really loudly which parted the clouds in the sky and revealed a castle. Guh?
  • In the castle were thousands of mechanized robots. Where did these robots come from?
  • The main character was brought back through the physical lighting... How and why?
  • The main character got beat up by the Boss really easily, but later the main character survived a nuclear bomb blast, and yet the Boss didn't. How is that possible? Also, the nuclear bomb seemed to kill only certain people, for example the main character's girlfriend survived, and yet died when she got shot with a gun.
  • People started coming back to life for some reason, and then their souls collected into the main character in which he exploded into a column of energy which went through space and transformed a planet into... Earth? What the fuck?

All in all, I am actually going to recommend that you avoid this movie. I actually disliked the experience of watching this movie, and I would only recommend it to hardcore anime fans or people who enjoy watching something visually appealing.