I'm a Human Inbox

Friday, September 16, 2005

Dust Bunnies

DustBunnies are a collective group of robots that clean up dust, hair and dirt by rolling around on the floor. But that's not all that they do.
The only way to observe them in that first state is to be motionless yourself. Touching a dustbunny will cause different reactions. If they like the way you treat them they will make an amusing sound according to the movement you cause.

But the Dustbunnies can also become angry. If you mistreat one of them, all dustbunnies will start screaming. The whole group will show their dislike.

I think these robotic cleaners scare the hell out of me. Knowing that these creatures communicate with eachother and dislike human presence, but enjoy human refuse, would haunt my dreams. I think I would be especially nervous if they flat out disliked me. And at the very same time, I think I want one. Am I strange or what?

Link (via We Make Money Not Art)