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Monday, September 19, 2005

Lost Garden: Genre and Innovation

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Lost Garden has an excellent article musing about the cycle of new genres which become stagnant as they become refined and homogenized. There is an incredible amount of insight into how the gaming industry works in this article, and this is an excellent, if long, read which I highly encourage anyone who is interested in gaming, to read for themselves.

Although there are a lot of choice quotes, here are a few:
Genre maturation is great for the very small minority of AAA developers that can serve the hardcore market. They release titles known as genre kings that are able to address the needs of a large percentage of an existing, well defined segment of genre addicts. Genre kings dominate a particular genre with impressive financial results. The amount of money genre kings such as Halo 2, Half Life, Warcraft, Grand Turismo and other rake in is an inspiration to both developers, gamers and publishers everywhere.

A few major games will dominate the mature genre and it is unlikely that Nintendo’s will be one of them. Nintendo’s fixation on new genres and their unwillingness to pander completely and utterly to the existing hardcore audiences has made their name mud with many of the most vocal elite in the game industry.

This article is largely a musing on Nintendo's unveiling of the Revolution Controller and what it means for the industry as a whole. I'll say this, I am always one of the first people to check out the best games in the industry and so I definitely support these "Genre Kings", but at the same time I feel there is a definite lack of new genres and innovation and that Nintendo is a large supporter of that. But regardless of your opinion, this is an important article, please go read it.

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