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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Lost: Interesting Tidbit

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I'm a pretty huge fan of the TV show lost, I've mentioned it before, and I found this interesting tidbit on the newest episode.

So anyone who saw the season premiere of Lost last night will remember the scene where Shannon sees a soaking-wet Walt[the little kid] in the woods, mumbling incoherently as she looks on in terror. I was listening to the radio this morning, and they were talking about that scene ... and then they took the audio clip from that scene and played it backwards. Suddenly Walt's words are clear; he says, "Don't push the button ... the button is bad." Just a point of interest for the Lost fans out there.

Neat stuff. Anyone who hasn't seen this show really needs to do themselves a favor and check it out. It's actually an excuse to start watching TV again, imagine that!