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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Nintendo Revolution Controller Revealed

What the Fuck is this? I'll update as soon as I know more.


I've known for a couple of weeks now that the Revolution Controller was going to be announced at the Tokyo Game Show, but I wanted to wait until it was actually announced so that I didn't get everyone's expectations up. To be honest, I was starting to get ready for a big disappointment, but after reading what the controller is all about I am very excited again.

So here's a quick run down of the aspects of the Nintendo Revolution Controller:

The controller for Nintendo's upcoming Revolution home console system is a cordless remote-control-like device designed to be used with only one hand. Two small sensors placed near the TV and a chip inside the controller track its position and orientation, allowing the player to manipulate the action on screen by physically moving the controller itself. For example, you could slash an in-game sword by actually swinging the controller from side to side, turn a race car just by twisting your wrist, or aim your gun in a shooter by pointing the controller where you want to fire.

  • Wireless
  • 3D motion sensing
  • Tilt sensors
  • An expansion slot enables add-on hardware
  • The controller can be slipped into "shells" so that the shape and size can change if needed
  • Turn the controller sideways to create a NES controller setup
  • LEDs at the bottom of the controller show which player you are
  • Uses normal batteries
  • Rumble functionality

The 1up article has a lot more detailed information about the Controller. They also have impressions, pictures and game demos that they tried out using the controller.

Update 2:

IGN has their own article and take on the Revolution Controller. They've got some good thoughts and observations as well. It seems that most people agree that this controller will provide a more acurate and versitile controller than a mouse, which means that FPS will be the most obvious and benificial use of Nintendo's controller.
It's easy to imagine why Nintendo is so heavily invested in the idea. There is such great potential to do so many unique things. Playing a real-time strategy game like Starcraft would be extremely fluid and intuitive. Mario Party, we're sure you can guess, will finally be a completely new experience. What of Zelda or Mario? No word yet, but imagine swinging your sword in Zelda instead of pressing buttons. Or, in Mario, imagine having to grab blocks and build platforms. Also, since the controller flips on its side to work very much like a NES pad, it would be interesting to mix up gameplay and throw in an old-school challenge.