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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

State of the art gaming machine in 98

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Do you feel like your computer system is too old and slow? Well after watching this video about the "Ultimate Gaming Machine", I assure you, you'll feel better. This video was shot in 1998, so at this point it's 7 years old and the technology is clearly out of date. I won't tell you what the specs are on the computer, but just for fun try and guess what they'll be before you watch the video.

These two get seriously excited about how much RAM they stuffed into that computer, they're practically jumping with joy. But it does make you wonder how fast computers will be 7 years from now. There was a comic over at Real Life Comics where the characters build a time machine to go into the future and buy unreleased games. They also get some "old" computer hardware from the future, which is super fast in comparison to what's out now. Unfortunately I can't find that specific comic, if anyone knows which one it is, please let me know.

Link (via Grumpy Gamer)