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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sun Sneezing

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Do you sneeze when you first head outside or when you look at the Sun? I totally do. People have teased me by saying that I must be allergic to the Sun and I never really thought much about it. But I got into a conversation with a friend of mine whom I noticed did the same thing and he said it was a genetic trait. I really didn't believe him but I looked it up a little later.

Sneezes can be triggered by dust or cold air -- or by rubbing your eyes -- or by looking at a bright light . . . like the sun. When one of these sets off the reflex to sneeze, a message goes to a special part of your nervous system -- called the sneeze center. It tells muscles from your eyelids all the way to your stomach to put together a response.

But not everybody sneezes when they look at the sun. If you do, you can thank your mom and dad! Scientists think that the sun-sneezing reflex is inherited -- you get it from your parents, who got it from your grandparents -- and so on. About one out of four people sneeze when they see a bright light.

So there you have it, you may be a Sun Sneezer. Crazy no?