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Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Weekly Un-Postables

(PSP vs. DS Six Months On)

5 Ways to Save Videogames - It was a post... But I changed my mind
Man Unknowingly Starts Fires with Static Electricity
Tokyo Olympics - Professional Gaming on DVDs

From "We Make Money Not Art":
Remote Control Car with Video Camera Built In
Public Air Quality Indicator
Memory Wall - Senses movement and colours
Porcelain Explosion Art

From Fazed:
Hooters Employee Manual
POP Station, a PSP Knockoff - Video
Leonard Nimoy singing about Bilbo Baggins - Video

From Boing Boing:
On the Science of Dirty Words
Credit-card sized 8GB drive for $150
Virtual tour of Atomic Fireball candy production
Guy blocking trucks and bikes - Video

Reader's Submissions:
From this point on, any link suggestions that I decided not to post will end up here. So if you send me a link and I don't post it for whatever reason, it will end up in this section at the end of the week. Unless it's like, mentally scarring or something, then I'll just hate you.

Can this man save the world? - Thanks Steve, unfortunately I'm too cynical to give this a full post

Goldeneye Source - Thanks Kyle, I used to play Goldeneye all the time with my friends, so this is pretty interesting. Unfortunately Half Life 2 is a bitch on my computer and doesn't want to work properly.

Warcraft Plague, Thread 1
Thread 2 and Video - Thanks Victor. He actually sent me a number of links, but I'm not a WoW player so I lost interest. Fortunately every other website covered this, including PVP who did a comic about it.