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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

10 Xbox Prototypes Get Stolen

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According to the news magazine Spiegel, ten top-secret prototypes, AKA "development kits," for the new Xbox 360 console have been stolen from MS. The console isn't released until December 2nd in Europe, which is just in time for Christmas. The devices came to Germany from Hong Kong together with other MS products on "Air Delivery pallets" in a neutral packaging. From a storehouse in Düren, they were supposed to be shipped to game developers. Just a few days after the theft, pictures of the new consoles surfaced on the Internet. Meanwhile the Austrian Bundeskriminalamt in Viena and the public prosecution authority Bonn are investigating the case. So far (some) homes and offices in Niederösterreich (Austria) and in Troisdorf (Germany) have been raided (searched), and three consoles have been confiscated. The remaining seven devices remain lost.

You know, I've never really understood the mentality of stealing videogame equipment. Sure, it'd be awesome to have an Xbox 360 Prototype. Sure it'd be awesome to be able to have something before anyone else can. But I get the feeling that these people feel justified in doing stuff like this, like they're "sticking it to the man".

Not cool.