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Friday, October 07, 2005

Allard criticises Revolution Controller

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J Allard, VP of Corporate Xbox has been criticizing the Revolution Controller as something that developers wouldn't support or have much interest in. He then goes on to say that despite interest in having a harddrive in the Xbox 360, they decided not to put it in.

"We did a lot of research with gamers, talked to a lot of game developers and said, 'Should we put an accelerometer in there and do the tilt thing?' And there wasn't that much enthusiasm around [a Revolution-like Controller] it."

He went to concede that some developers may have been disgruntled to learn that not all Xbox 360 consoles would come with a hard drive as standard, telling Edge Online: " Sometimes doing the right thing means doing the hard thing."

"Are there developers who are disappointed? Yeah, sure...

Is it just me, or is Allard being incredibly hypocritical? He slams Nintendo for doing something guts for consumers, and yet praises Microsoft for doing a similar move. You're sounding a bit more whiny than usual Mr Corporate Cool.