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Friday, October 07, 2005

The Face of Dr. Claw... Revealed!

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Now here's a doozie. I'm sure everyone watched the cartoon Inspector Gadget when they were growing up, or at least I did. Inspector Gadget's arch nemesis, Dr. Claw, never showed his face, was always part of the appeal. Apparently DIC made a Dr. Claw action figure and they decided to give him a face. So if you're really curious as to what Dr. Claw looked like, you can check it out on this webpage.

The time has come to reveal to you the legitimate face of the evil Dr. Claw! BE WARNED, dear viewer, that once you've seen it, there's no turning back. No reclaiming your childhood imagination. The mystery will be gone forever, & all you'll have left is the clear, & possibly disappointing, image of the truth.

Warning: May destroy your childhood

Link (via Fazed)