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Monday, October 17, 2005

Gamers answer Jack Thompson's Modest Proposal

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Remember that game proposal that Jack Thompson made where he said he'd offer $10,000 if someone made his game? Well it looks like not one but two games have been made that meet his specifications. Actually, one of them mixes up the formula a little bit, but that's beside the point.

The first game is a text adventure game by Old Grandma Hardcore:
Zork Thompson v1.0 is a text adventure with a click interface that has you taking on the roll of a man whose son was killed by one of those crazy video game players. Check out the site where you can read the script for the game or play it. You also can “buy” the game through a PayPal donation, meeting Thompson’s final criteria I believe.

After checking out Zork Thompson, it seems that 3 other text games have been made as well.
The always awesome Kotaku linked to us and Zork Thompson v1.0, so the game is being played by quite a few people! The Wikipedia entry for Jack Thompson now has a section for Jack's Proposal, and it lists other text-adventure games made in response at the same time we published ours, so you guys know what that means: great minds think alike, bitch!

And the other one by Hellfish Productions, is a mod of GTA:SA
the mod "allows players to adopt the role of prominent anti-videogame attorney Jack Thompson as he lives through an insane weekend which changes his life... It turns out that all the time Jack spent studying violent video games has turned him into a Manchurian Candidate. Receiving calls at random that begin with the classic line, 'Why don't you pass the time by playing a little solitaire?' Jack immediately falls under a hypnotic spell, transforming into his criminal vigilante alterego Banman to commit violent acts in the name of Thompson's morality. While Thompson enjoys legal immunity as an attorney, Banman has both regenerating armor and bullet time to help him make his way."

Now the only question is whether Thompson will donate the $10,000 he promised. Of course he'll probably claim that he was just joking around, and that he didn't think anyone would take his press release seriously. Obviously he hadn't thought that the mod and indie communities would jump on this one. He thought wrong, and I'm with Kotaku on this one because I think the $10,000 should be donated to Penny Arcade's Child's Play. That would be so incredibly ironic, to have Jack Thompson donating to a Children's Videogame Charity. It would be glorious.

Update: Well it's official. Jack Thompson has declined to donate the $10,000 he said he would. That's largely unsurprising, I mean if he actually did it, I would have to grudgingly give some respect for a man who accepts the results of his commitments.

But what is surprising is that Penny Arcade donated $10,000 for Jack Thompson. In his name. Fucking-A.