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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Halloween Costume Help: Naruto Costume

I'm wondering if anyone in Nanaimo BC, or the surrounding area would be able to help me out with finding at least one item for a costume I'm hoping to make.

I'm planning on making a Sasuke costume, similar to the picture above. The clothes themselves I'll be able to sort out, but the forehead protector is another story. I know that I can obtain a forehead protector from Ebay, but with only a week before Halloween I don't think it'll arrive on time. There's also a shop in Hawaii that sells forehead protectors, and they'll probably arrive in time, but I think I would rather pick one up from a semi-local place if possible. If anyone knows of a shop that might, or does sell these, please let me know.

Also, a wig would be nice because I do not have the hair for the costume (it's growing out, but it's definitely not long enough to pull it off properly), but I can't find anything online that would be suitable.

Update: Anne has been kind enough to pick up a Headband for me so anyone reading this post for the first time can blissfully ignore it.

Update 2: I've finished making the costume, you can find pictures of it here.