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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Halo 2 Rage

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If you've ever played on Xbox Live, or any PC game for that matter, you'll have run into one or two people who find it impossible to stay calm, and remain courteous. I'm sure everyone's met a 14 year old who swears like a sailor, it's a little shocking.

This video shows how bad it can get. This guy screams swear words every time he dies, and totally spazes out. This video is considered not safe for work because of all the swearing, and screaming. This is kind of harsh stuff.

Warning: Not Safe For Work

On a slightly related note, here's a video of a Halo 2 player kicking some serious ass. Sticking players with grenades from across the level, getting Kill Frenzies (5 kills in a row within 4 seconds of eachother), and moments where he gets about 5 awards on the screen at once. The video smacks of ego, but it's still pretty cool.

Link (via Fazed)