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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Halo 2: We're like McDonalds! Billions Served

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Bungie has released a number of horrifying statistics surrounding data about how people play Halo 2 online. You will not be prepared for this shit.
Guess how many games of Halo 2 have been played since November 9th 2004. Go on. I dare you. If you said 324,362,454 then congratulations. You win a slightly baffled expression.

Man-hours played in Matchmade games: 184,137,245. That means that the total number of hours spent playing Halo 2 by individual players is over 180 million. [...]It was spent playing Matchmade games. And just in case you're wondering, that is roughly 21,006 years. Way longer than human civilization has existed

The Halo player who has played the most games has played a staggering, mind-boggling 14,919 games, spending an average of six hours per day, and playing around 71 games. Per day.

If everyone had worked a $6/hr job instead of playing Matchmade games, they would have earned $1.1B.

Follow the link to see more detailed statistics about people wasting their time. Hell, I'm actually quite guilty of this. Until homework kicked in, I was spending a lot of time on Halo 2.

Link (via Kotaku)