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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Incredibly Large Black and White Nude Webpage

[Media: Images]

I'm really not one to post about pornography, with the exception of The Weekly Un-Postables, but this site is notable for it's massive connection-breaking size. I'm serious, if you click this link your Internet Connection will have its back broken and will lay whimpering on the ground for mercy. Whoever designed this website decided that it was a good idea to put hundreds upon hundreds of pictures all on the same page. Crazy.

In anycase, the quality of these pictures is really high. They're all in Black and White, depicting gorgeous women and the photographer obviously has a lot of skill. But seriously, I dare someone to look at every single picture. It simply is not possible.

Warning: Not Safe For Work

Update: A reader commented that there are 1,801 images here, all on one page.

Link (via Your Dirty Mind)