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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Jack Thompson Harassed by Satire

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Yes, this is another Jack Thompson entry, but this time they're not necessarily about things he's been saying. While Mr. Thompson has been trying to get the Police and the Feds to take out Penny Arcade, a couple of witty parodies and "satire" has been making their rounds.

Specifically, someone delivered fliers in Thompson's neighborhood which were highly critical of the game violence activist. Thompson faxed GamePolitics a copy of the flyer, which has a Halloween theme and begins with the salutation, "Dear neighbor of Jack Thompson," and proceeds to launch into a satirical call for a ban on trick-or-treating ("What is trick-or-treating, other than a very immersive violence simulation?")

You can take a look at The Flyer that's been going around Jack's neighborhood. And PVP has written up an appeal to the Justice League to take out Penny-Arcade (scroll down a little bit after the link).

I have bets on Jack Thompson's house getting egged this Halloween.