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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Serenity Impressions

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I've started to realize that any enthusiasm I express, usually kills the enjoyment about the movies I recommend. So when attempting to recommend Serenity, I will keep it very simple.

Serenity, based on the TV show Firefly, has action special effects and suspense. Sure it's got all of that, and it's good. But that's not why I recommend going to see the movie instead it's the writing, the characters and the dialogue that makes the movie. These are real people, with motivations and reactions that make sense. And the witty banter that passes between the characters surpasses all other elements of the movie, something increasingly rare in movies today.

Here's a good example. Near the end, just when a scene is about to get mushy and corny, it instead turns from being romantic drivel into spot-on humour. Every cliche that would be present in any other movie is destroyed by being funny. Every time you think the captain will do "the right thing", he'll instead go and do the logical thing, which makes him look like a complete asshole.

It doesn't matter if you've seen the show or not, Serenity explains everything you need to know without feeling like you're missing something. If you have seen the show, it picks up where the show left off and completes the storyline. The trailers might show off a lot of flashy special effects, but you'll leave the theatre laughing because of the dialog.