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Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Weekly Un-Postables

(For the Shoe Collectors)

From Boing Boing:
RIAA releases malware that deletes software
Hollywood's DRM lab: doomed and dumb
Fuck This Book - Innapropriate Stickers
Warner Music CEO: Price-fixing is for iTunes, too
Interesting words from around the world
MPAA/RIAA subvert democracy with super-broadcast-flag bid - Again
Bees that cook their enemies to death.
Canadian recording industry: downloading leads to shoplifting
Carbonated dairy products

From We Make Money Not Art:
The riderless motorcycle
Gun vending machine
Sonic Invaders - An Audio Videogame

From Fazed:
Art Project showing Women in normal houseclothes and then naked - NSFW
Touching Story about Barn Swallows - Make sure you read the comments
Batman to the Rescue? - Weird Video
Dog steals lit Roman Candle - Video

Matrix Mouse - Video
Lady Holds up Creditcard for the Camera - And then gets her number stolen, duh.
Guess the Non-Fake Orgasmer - A Gameshow... Video, Probably NSFW

Reader's Submissions:
Azure pointed out this concept egg-shaped car where the entire cabin spins around so that you're suddenly facing in the other direction. Thanks Azure!