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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lego Cthulhu

[Media: Video]

Maybe if Lego did more sets like the Cthulhu Lego set (It's actually called Ego, so it's fake), I might still be interested in it. This is a pretty funny video, and the best part about it are the captions, which I missed during the first viewing.

"Cthulhu cannot be possessed. You can."
"Actual toy does not shoot lightning"
"Overly expressive child not included"

Man, if I had known that the Overly expressive child wasn't part of the product, I wouldn't have ordered so many... Now I'm really disappointed.

Link (Thanks Anne!)

Save Reading Rainbow

[Media: Website]

This post is half a joke and half serious. Although the idea of a petition to save the show Reading Rainbow sounds pretty funny, after checking out the site I was reminded of how much I loved Reading Rainbow while growing up.

When I was little I used to watch this show all the time for I was a major bookworm and I loved going to the library. My mom being a teacher encouraged me to watch this show, one of the few shows that she didn't tell me to stop watching and go outside. Although it wasn't the most exciting show on TV, I realize now that it was a part of my childhood and that it was good for me.

Sponsors and potential sponsors of the program don't understand the significant viewer-ship and support the show enjoys - and without their support, production of Reading Rainbow will stop! Reading Rainbow is in dire need of funds to produce new shows for the series. Without new episodes, this wonderful series WILL go off the air thus cutting off access to fantastic books, on-location experiences and LeVar Burton's magic for countless children, their parents and teachers.

So check out this website. They're also selling T-Shirts that say "Save Reading Rainbow!", something which I would dearly love to have because that's the kind of dork I am. I also clearly remember the Reading Rainbow Intro and about half of the words from the theme song.

Link (via julius12)

Coffee Should not be Drunk Around a Computer

[Media: Video]

I've probably given the joke away already, but maybe not so click away! In anycase, I imagine that most of the people who read this site know enough about computers to find this video funny. Who ever thought that someone might have actually done this?


Link (via Drasl.is)

The World of Mario: As a Play

[Media: Images]

This isn't an actual play, but it is set up to look like one. This Mario Cosplay was originally submitted to Kotaku for the Halloween Contest and has since then set up their own website.

I encourage you to check it out, the costumes and backdrops are wonderfully done and the characters set expressive poses. The best part is definitely when Mario opens fire on a Shy Guy Village by throwing fireballs at the villagers.

Link (via Kotaku)

I Got My Gmail: Sims 2 Music Video

[Media: Music Video]

Now here's a first; a song about Gmail. Not only that but it's done entirely using The Sims 2, which amazingly doesn't look half bad.

Link (via Wonderland)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Gym Class: Microsoft Steals Idea for Commercial

[Media: Video]

I originally wasn't going to post about Microsoft's Bang Bang commercial, which is banned for reasons I don't understand, but then it got interesting when it was pointed out that Microsoft ripped off a college short film called Gym Class.

Gym Class is about a bunch of students being bored in gym class. One girl pretends to shoot herself in the head and suddenly she dies and everyone wonders what happens. For a clip about fake guns, it's quite violent.

So watch the original, and then check out Microsoft's version. Which one do you think is better?

Link (via Kotaku)

Canadian Liberal Goverment Has Been Dissolved

[Media: Article]

Taking a break from largely nerdy topics and into mainstream politics, it is important to note that Canada is having an early election. The Liberals which made up a Minority Government just lost a vote of confidence, and thus lost power. I'm amazed though that our government has stayed in power for 17 months as it is.

Canadian voters will be heading to the polls, likely sometime in January, after the opposition brought down the minority government in a no-confidence vote Monday evening.

The motion passed easily in a 171 to 133 vote, triggering an election campaign one year and five months after Canadians last went to the polls.

Here's to hoping that I'll take the time to sit down and listen to some political debate. Although I am passionate about a number of issues, mainstream politics rarely touches on the points that I am strongly interested and involved in.


Mushroom Stool

[Media: Image]

I love these Mushroom Stools! You have to wonder how comfortable they are, but they look like they'd be a lot of fun to have in a gaming room. It's a little too bad that they seem to only be available in Japan because I think a lot of people over here in North America (Europe too) would enjoy the ability to acquire one.

Over at Kotaku they've got a lot of dirty comments about the picture. For shame! Get your minds out of the gutter... These stools are for sitting on.


The Sensitive Carpet

[Media: Video]

Take a look at this video. By using a carpet which produces different sounds depending where you're standing, these three bunny suited guys perform a little ditty. They seem to be having a lot of fun with it too.

When a person walks on this carpet switches are triggered everywhere a foot touches the ground. In total there are 48 switches integrated into the carpet. The information collected is digitised and fed into a computer which turns impulses into sound. In the following movie you will see a musical realisation of this concept.

Check out the webpage Sinua for more projects that they're working on.

Link (via We Make Money Not Art)

Girls Like Guys with Skills

[Media: Swag]

Bowstaff skills, nunchuck skills, computer hacking skills...

This is certainly a truth from somewhere. Infact, skills should be said with a "z" at the end for it to be proper. I also believe the opposite to be true, that Guys Like Girls with Skills. Like Mario Kart Skills, Ping Pong skills, Throwing Star Skills...


Monday, November 28, 2005

Mega-Man Rock Opera

[Media: Music]

Yeah, so I'm not a fan of Mega Man. I've never really played through a full game of Mega Man, or kept track of the whole series. So I'm recommending this site despite the fact that I'm the furthest thing from a fan, but the Mega-Man Rock Opera totally rocks my socks.

There are a lot of concept, nerd, videogame bands out there, but none of them have really managed to keep my attention. The Protomen are not only completely serious about creating a Rock Opera describing the story of Mega Man and his creator, but they're actually quite good. The singing, the instruments and the lyrics are skillfully done, and hold no hint of cheesiness or parody. If you didn't know they were singing about Mega Man, you'd probably think they were just a heavy rock band doing their thing.

So check it out, even if you're not interested in Mega Man. It's an awesome concept album, and it tickles my nerdy nature. There's 4 MP3s after the link, but The Will of One is my favorite and has a Matthew Good sound to it.

Link (via Waxy)

Charlie the Unicorn

[Media: Flash Video]

Holy Candy Mountain this video is freakin funny. It has so many memorable quotes, people are going to stare at you oddly when you say things like:

"Shun the Non-Believer! Shunnnnnn!"

Although you may be tempted to stop watching it halfway through I urge you to see the whole thing. It's got a song and dance by the letter "Y" from the Candy Mountain that is just too good to pass up.

Warning: Questionable Taste in Humour


The Internet is for Porn

[Media: Video]

Taking footage from Chobits(an anime I haven't gotten around to checking out) and combining it with a song about how the Internet is for Porn makes for pretty funny stuff. Just make sure that you don't do a Google Search for this title...

This video doesn't have any sex or nudity but you probably don't want to be playing a song about Porn at work unless your Boss is hip to that.

Link (via Drasl.is)

Alive in Joburg

[Media: Video]

Neill Blomkamp, the director of the Citroën Transformer ad comes a video of how War of the Worlds probably should have been. In documentary style this video talks about the arrival of alien visitors and how they are struggling to survive with humans in 3rd world countries. If nothing else you should check this video out for its fantastic CG work and the action scene showing a fight between human forces and an alien in an exoskeleton suit.

If you liked this, you should check out 3rd world robotic police, which uses a similar animated style and subject matter.

Link (via Drawn!)

Shigeru Miyamoto Autographed Guitar

[Media: Auction]

Someone is putting up a Guitar up on Ebay which was signed and played by Shigeru Miyamoto. How sweet is that? I'm a pretty huge fan of Miyamoto , as should anyone who loves Nintendo games because he's the designer behind some of the halmarks of video gaming. Is it really nerdy that I knew that Miyamoto played the Guitar?

I have to wonder why the guy decided to sell it on Ebay instead of keeping it. There's a bunch of great pictures after the link, and a bit more information about the auction. It's too bad I'm no musician.

Knowing that Miyamoto plays guitar and banjo, I was intent on having him play my guitar in addition to signing it. As I approached the signing table, I looked back and forth at both Miyamoto and his translator (the woman to his left) as I asked if he could play a little bit. The Nintendo World rep to his right quickly tried to inform me that "unfortunately, there wasn't enough time." However, before he could even finish telling me this, Miyamoto had picked up the guitar, gave it a good look, and then set up to play a few chords. The chords he played? The opening chords to the Super Mario Bros. theme song!

Link (via Press The Buttons)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Clock Plays Pong

[Media: Images]

This clock plays games of Pong in order to keep time. The paddle on the right wins a game of Pong every minute, while the left paddle only wins once an hour. The score then represents the time.

Alright, one more way to get distracted from what you should be doing!

Update: The original site (Buro Vormkrijgers) has re-posted the video of the clock in action. They originally took it down because they were getting so much traffic that they couldn't afford to leave it up until the attention died down a little. So now you can see this piece of art in action, along with a little Beck music in the background.


The Virtual Air Guitar

[Media: Video]

This is fricking sweet! Now all this time that you've been developing your air guitar skills in your room, pantless and still wearing socks can now be used for something (slightly) productive. Using a pair of orange gloves and a webcam you can now produce sweet chords with your imaginary guitar.

Playing air guitar is like playing rock guitar, only without an actual instrument, or musical skills. It is, in fact, not about playing an instrument, but putting on a wild show. Anyone can play air guitar - all you need is some music to play along to. But up until now, you've been restricted to following existing music.

Playing the Air Guitar is simple. You pull on a pair of orange gloves, press the start pedal, and rock on. Take a playing pose as if you were holding an imaginary guitar - left hand on the guitar's neck, and right hand near your hip. You will see yourself on a TV screen, with your orange gloves highlighted.

To be honest, the first thing I thought when I saw the video was, this would be awesome in a videogame. Truth be told, the technology, let alone the games for this already exist. Sony's Eyetoy could easily produce the same result, and the recently released Guitar Hero comes with its own Guitar peripheral. But what gets me excited is the idea of how easily this same idea could be used on the Nintendo Revolution. You could either use two controllers or an add-on peripheral to create the same experience. One hand would control the strumming, while the other could control the chords. As the players get more experienced they could start to actually learn the real chords and start learning how to play properly.

Link (via We Make Money Not Art)

Kid Beyond: Beatboxer

[Media: Video]

The is an impressive video of Kid Beyond who does Beatboxing and creates loops using a program called Live which allows him to sample a line and then add it in real time to a looping track infront of a live audience.

Some amazing sounds come out of this guy's mouth, so check this out and see how he does this. Seems like he's a bigger nerd than he might appear.

If you liked this, you'll probably also like Beatboxing Harmonica.

Link (via Fazed)

The Weekly Un-Postables

(How to Dip Your Hand in Molten Lead)

Chinese Teen Suicide Victim Did Not Play WoW
Jack Thompson's Book on Amazon gets ganked by gamers
Australia trying to quell fears about glow-in-the-dark meat
Online Gamers Unmasked - Gamer pictures beside their Avatars
The Best Games Make No Sense - Agreed!
Mainstream Media Meltdown II - Comparison of Media consumption
Waterbed Prank - Video

From Boing Boing:
Air Traffic Visualizations - Videos
Student folds paper 12 times! - Previously considered impossible, 8 was the highest number
Talking frogs review web sites
Nicky Hilton gets owned

Weekly Roundup

This week has been a little hectic for a couple of reasons. Being the last full week of classes for this semester, each class is handing out term projects which all seem to enjoy being due on the same day. So school has kept me a full time resident and I haven't had the normal opportunities to update at regular intervals.

The other problem is that it's the US's Thanksgiving, and due to the fact that most of the sites I read are American, nobody was updating for the later half of the week. This caused a serious dry up of content, so if my posts started getting weird or weak during the last half of the week, Thanksgiving is to blame.

I'm a Human Inbox's Favorite Post of the Week:
Mario Unleashed: Band Performance

This video got 18 clicks this week and it has continued to leave me with a warm feeling. I am impressed by their home made bouncy fireballs and their mad xylophone skills.

Reader's Favorite Post of the Week:
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Light Display

This one got 163 clicks this week, it seems that this one was quite popular. I would say that it's an excellent choice, for a wonderfully psychotic demonstration of Christmas Lights Prowess.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Fully Transformable Transformer Costumes

[Media: Images]

Check out these amazing Transformer costumes that actually have the ability to transform into their respective mechanical counterparts. The only problem is that some of them don't transform very well with the humans inside... That reminds me of the mishaps of Regriditron and Magnimus.

Link (via Boing Boing)

Jinnai and the Bugrom: Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot!

[Media: Music Video]

Jinnai and the Bugrom won AMV's Best Lip Synching for 2002 and it totally deserves it. By using the anime El Hazard and the music from the song Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot! by Carumba, it produces a very odd and strange experience.

I'm afraid that rather than everyone finding it very funny, a lot of people stared at the video and wondered what on earth I'd created.

The quote above really hits the mark. About half of the people I show this to think it's retarded, and the other half think it's absolutely genius. I of course fall into the later category, and I think it's hilarious, but that depends on the kind of sense of humour you have.

I'll be hosting the video here for about a week. If the link disappears by the time you try to download it, you can download it from AMV by following the link below. You'll have to sign up for an account, but you really should have an account on that website anyway.

Warning: Questionable Taste in Humour


Human faces are getting smaller

[Media: Article]

This is pretty interesting, apparently every 1000 years the human face shrinks about %2 or so. I wonder if other body parts are changing as well. It also seems that we are gradually loosing teeth as well.

THE human face is shrinking. Research into people’s appearance over the past 10,000 years has found that our ancestors’ heads and faces were up to 30% larger than now.

Many men then would have had the shape of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s head while women might have looked more like Camilla [the Duchess of Cornwall]. By contrast, Tony Blair and George Bush are good examples of the more delicate modern form.

Ah, it's all starting to make sense now. All those Cromagnum jokes about Arnold were actually true.

Link (via Boing Boing)

CPL: Fatal1ty vs voO

[Media: Video]

There's an interesting televised event on MTV for the CPL tournament final between Fatal1ty and voO. It's good to see that MTV is getting fairly serious about their videogame coverage, and it would be awesome to see more televised events like this. I think there's a lot of excitement to be had in competitive gaming. Fatal1ty won the match and took home an extra $150,000 playing Painkiller against vo0 the reigning champ.

I hadn't gotten around to posting about it because I couldn't get it working properly before. Make sure you use Internet Explorer to view this website even if you love Firefox.

Link (via Wonderland)

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Ninja Loves Pirate

[Media: Game]

How fantastic! Ninjas and Pirates in the same game, it couldn't be any more wonderful.

Ninjas and pirates have battled since the beginning of time. One day a high ranking member of the ninja clan, by the name of Yushiro, falls in love with a pirate named Black Mary.

After years of keeping their impossible love a secret they try to negotiate a truce, so that they may marry. Their suggestion is denied with considerable force.
Yushiro and Black Mary are forced into a life of exile, traveling the world looking for peace and harmony.

The game has a downloadable demo, and it has wonderful hand crafted artwork reminiscent of Monkey Island. If Pirates and Ninjas working together and falling in love can't get you in a good mood, you're hopeless.

Link (via Grumpy Gamer)

Grand Punto

[Media: Video]

This is a very stylishly animated commercial about... Well driving I guess. I can't really describe this video without giving anything away, but it's safe to say that a video like this would never air in the US. I wonder if it actually did air?

Warning: May Not Be Safe For Work


Airplane Turbine Crosswind Test

[Media: Video]

I'm not sure which show this is from, but they decided to demonstrate how powerful a jet's engines were by using a couple of cars. The plane's turbine engines each produce 58000 pounds of thrust and literally ripped the cars apart and flung them 50 feet in the opposite direction. And this is with the cars being 50 feet from the engines, imagine what would happen if they were up close!

People might be reminded of the movie Pushing Tin after seeing this video.

Link (via Drasl.is)

Sony Rootkit T-Shirts

[Media: Swag]

I've avoided posting too much about Sony's Rootkit because there's just way too many points of interest to speak on, but I think I need to post a little recap here. I mainly want to point out two T-Shirts that are related to the issue, because of course I love T-Shirts too much for my own good. The first one is a quote directly from a Sony President, Most people don't even know what a rootkit is and the other one is a little snarky comment about Rootkit love: I <3 Rootkit.

At this point, most people haven't actually heard about the Sony Rootkit issue which is surprising because everyone who listens to music and has a computer needs to know about it. But it looks like the computer science teachers are starting to bring it up in class, and I convinced one of my friends to to a paper on the Sony Rootkit so maybe there's still hope. If you're one of those people who don't know about what Sony's Rootkit does to your computer, please check out the links below from Boing Boing. They've been covering the issue for the past 3 weeks or so and have compiled a bunch of nice roundups:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The Fatal Effects of Masturbation

[Media: Images]

This link shows a book from France in the mid 19th century and the horrible effects of Masturbation. I had so many jokes running through my head for this one, but I think you all have your own sense of humour that you can apply to this one. But God Damn, it looks like you get leprosy from wanking off.

It's safe for work, no worries, I just liked this smoking chick better than the ghastly images after the link. But if anyone can tell me where I got this picture, they're a big perv. Hah.

Link (via Boing Boing)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

DOA: The Movie

[Media: Video]

Damnit, the trailer for the DOA (Dead or Alive) movie looks like a major stinker. The production values, although they look quite high, do little to fix the horrible lines and cheesy action scenes. Although if you thought that Charlie's Angels was awesome, this movie is right up your... Alley.

When, oh when will a good videogame to movie translation take place? I'm figuring after Uwe Bolle is dead.


Link (via Kotaku)

Pumpkin Launchers

[Media: Website]

This is a pretty crazy sport, in which giant pumpkin guns fire pumpkins almost a mile away.

Every year since 1986, near Millsboro (Delaware), the Punkin Chunkin has been held. This month, 100 teams vied to see whose supergun could toss an 8-10lb (3.6-4.6kg) pumpkin farthest. There are several categories (air cannons, trebuchets, pedal-powered doohickeys) and no explosives are allowed. The biggest air cannons, with barrels up to 150 feet (46 metres) long, can shoot their fruit projectiles most of a mile.

After each pumpkin lands, eager men on quad bikes zoom around looking for the crater and then measure the distance.

There's a bunch of photo galleries and some video downloads if you're curious. Good lord, couldn't they just, smash pumpkins with a hammer or something? No, they had to go and build gigantic cannons.

Link (via We Make Money Not Art)

Einstein the Parrot

[Media: Video]

Einstein the Parrot shows off his amazing vocal techniques including some English words, sound effects and his imitations of other animals such as Roosters, Pigs and Chimpanzees. I guess it wouldn't be effective to call him "bird brain".


Mario Kart Retrospective

[Media: Video]

Take a look at this Mario Kart Retrospective video which goes through the entire series from Super Mario Kart on the SNES to the most recent Mario Kart DS. A little nostalgia for everyone.

And is it just me or does the person talking about Mario Kart Double Dash sound disappointed with the Gamecube offering? I'd say that although I love Mario Kart DD, it's definitely not my favorite. I'd say that Mario Kart 64 was easily the best, but I'm sure that some people out there are going to disagree with me.

As a sidenote, there's a rumour going around that Target may be dropping the price of the DS to $99 US for the Christmas season.

Link (via 4 Color Rebellion)

Killer Instinct: Game Over

[Media: Video]

I went and downloaded the episode "Game Over" from the show Killer Instinct last night. Apparently the CSI clone had an episode about gamers killing people, so I wanted to check it out.

When Lt. Ray Cavanaugh is faced with the possibility that he convicted the wrong person for a crime, he and his team are thrust into the obsessive world of gaming and the deviant way in which players are reenacting murder scenes from their favorite video games.

The show plays like Jack Thompson himself wrote the script. Choice phrases like "Murder Simulator" and "Life is like a video game. Everybody's got to die sometime", show that they've pulled controversial lines from recent events. They even mention that the game "Murder One San Fransisco", an obvious reference to Grand Theft Auto, had hidden sex scenes in the game.

I've been thinking about whether it's alright to be offended by this show, or whether I should develop a sense of humour about it and just enjoy it as a campy murder mystery. Although I definitely am laughing while I watch, I also feel I have good justifications for being offended at the same time. The problem is that the writers of this episode definitely did their research, and took bits and pieces from Jack Thompson, real life criminals who blamed their crimes on videogames, modders, "25 to Life" and the Hot Coffee Grand Theft Auto incident. Due to the fact that this show tries to follow as closely as they could to videogame controversy, and then make statements like "They're on their computers 18 hours a day, did it ever occur to you that it might have some sort of effect on them?" while interrogating a game developer. Although this show is, of course, a piece of fiction it doesn't do anything to assuage the worries of concerned non-gamers. None of the main characters in this show were gamers (except for a lab assistant), and they only ended up playing "Murder One" in order to solve the case.

It's disappointing because issues like this will become seriously outdated in years to come. Would, for example, a show do an episode about the dangers of Rock and Roll and how it turns people into Satanic killers? Of course not. But why is that? Ask yourself that question and you'll have your answer.

In anycase, I recommend you actually watch this show. It's good to see an alternative opinion every once in a while, and maybe you can get a good laugh out of it. Click the link below to download the torrent for this episode.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bush's Exit Strategy

[Media: Video]

Now this isn't necessarily a stab at Bush's intelligence, for that can be done any day. I personally enjoyed this video based on how Bush reacted to his embarassing mistake of trying to escape through doors that are locked. He handled it with a laugh and a joke, and managed to save himself from looking like a complete idiot. Now that's an accomplishment!


Boing Boing also has a couple of mirror links avaiable.


EVE Online: The Deadly Dollar

[Media: Article]

Although I love the online magazine The Escapist, I rarely have time to sit down and read all of their articles, instead once in a while I browse through the ones I've missed to see if anything catches my eye. The article "The Deadly Dollar" managed to catch my interest and I was rewarded with a story of complex griefing of a magnitude I have never seen before.

The article talks about an assassin guild on EVE Online called "The Guilding Hand", and how they were assigned to assassinating the CEO of a major cooperation. I won't tell you the details because you really have to read it for yourself, but it was a plan of betrayal which took over a year and a half to execute. Now that's being Owned!

Initially, the Guiding Hand, who had previously set themselves up as committed assassins, had been hired to assassinate the CEO of Ubiqua Seraph, and were to be paid handsomely for the task. Their method, though, was not the crude and difficult matter of waging war and killing the mark by martial means alone. Instead, the Guiding Hand infiltrated the Ubiqua Seraph to the highest level, taking 12 months to ingratiate themselves with the corporation and gain access to its extensive resources.

But the interesting question is whether The Guilding Hand were wrong in their actions. Is what they did unacceptable? Or is it just so awesome that we can forgive their level of masterful betrayal?


Mario Unleashed: Band Performance

[Media: Video]

This video shows some sort of school performance of Mario, Luigi and a Princess Peach playing the xylophone and a Toad playing on the drums. These guys have gone all out, dressing up in costume, and having large Mario Themed props and powerups scattered around the stage.

They go through a lot of Mario songs, and in between each song they pull out stars, bouncing fireballs, super capes and turnips. They do an awesome awesome job, and the crowd goes wild.

If you liked this, you may also like a few other Musical Mario links:
Mario Theme on an 11 string Bass
Mario Theme on Trumpets
Nintendo Acapella - This last one is quite literally the first post I ever made on I'm a Human Inbox

Link (via Boing Boing)

Rear View Helmet

[Media: Article]

How sweet is this? Now you can literally say that you have eyes in the back of your head. I'd love to give this a try, it sounds really neat.

Big news for motorcycle riders. Who needs those annoying mirrors on your bike when you can have a rear view mirror built right into your helmet? The recent announcement from Reevu unveiled just such a product that includes an integrated 180 degree unbreakable mirror system, letting you see the road behind you through a window in the top of the helmet opening. Over 10 years in the making, Reevu wants to make sure their product is cost-effective, so you should see it on the market in early 2006 for about $399.

Link (via Giant Mecha)


[Media: Video]

Spin is another video that I've known about for a long time but hadn't gotten around to posting about. Being a lover of stop-motion animation, I feel that this is one of the better home-made short films featuring this style.

The story is fairly simple, it involves a hot day and a battle with the various fans around the house. It is definitely the only stop-motion movie I've seen that hosts a chase scene, let alone a chase scene involving house-hold appliances.


Monday, November 21, 2005

The Wilhelm Scream

[Media: Video]

Although this is an old item, I'm still amazed that most people don't know about the Wilhelm Scream. The Wilhelm scream is a sound clip that has been used in many many Hollywood movies over the years, and is now inserted into movies as an inside joke by the directors. Each Star Wars movie, for example, has a Wilhelm scream, and so does each of the Lord of the Rings movies. You can find the official Wilhelm website here. The Wilhelm scream can best be described as a high pitched scream of surprise and pain. Imagine someone getting shot in the nuts, that's the Wilhelm scream you're going to hear.

As is usually the case with the making of a movie, the scream for that character was recorded later. Six short pained screams were recorded in a single take, which was slated "man getting bit by an alligator, and he screams." The fifth scream was used for the soldier - but the 4th, 5th, and 6th screams recorded in the session were also used earlier in the film when three Indians are shot, one after another, during a raid on a fort.

The video for this post is a little slow to download, but give it time, it's worth watching.

Link (via Fazed)

I'm a Metroidsexual

People sometimes ask me if I'm a Metrosexual, to which I tend to reply that I am definitely not. I tell them, that I am a Metroidsexual, which tends to clarify the issue for myself and confuse the hell out of everyone else.

I figure it's a fairly cleaver term, and one that should definitely be in shirt form since I love shirts that have some sort of personal reflection. But surprisingly, the term Metroidsexual, let alone a T-Shirt, does not exist. So I am officially making Metroidsexual a real term, and I'm going to bug a bunch of T-Shirt websites such as Thinkgeek and whathaveyou, to make a Metroidsexual shirt for me to wear.

Yes, I realize I'm a dork, let me have my fun.

V8-Engine Paper Model

[Media: Images/Movies]

I'm no mechanic and I have very little interest in cars, this is evidenced by the state my car is in, but this papercraft model of a V8-Engine is the nerdiest thing I've seen all day. This guy took over a year to design and construct the model, and the website has a number of fantastic images and videos showing it off. Yes, the videos show the engine in motion!

This “V8-Engine” has semi-realistic exterior and interior detail. It is made entirely from paper (except a motor, a battery holder, a few plastic tubes and electrical wires). No paint applied. It looks pure and elegant. Various shadows created by different light sources make the appearance more 3D. Many moveable parts include a compound crankshaft, a rapid cooling fan, 8 rods, 8 pistons and a complex compound gearbox etc. It is handcrafted with ruler, white glue and X-acto knife. It took approximately one year to design and construct. Each part is precisely made (for instance, the five separate bearings need accurately alignment). The reinforced structure applied in both inside the body of engine and the stand (most of them can not be seen). The reinforced structures make it very rigid and keep the pieces in the accurate positions.

Link (via Boing Boing)

AMV: Anime Music Videos

[Media: Website]

Now here's a really old link that I'm going to lay upon you. AMV, or Anime Music Videos, is a secret favorite website of mine and one that any Anime fan should be aware of. AMV is a website which hosts, organizes and rates user submitted Anime Music Videos.

The best part about this website is that they host yearly awards, broken up into different categories, for the best videos of the year. It has become an obsessive habit each year to download every single video and watch them all. I seriously have no idea why it becomes so addictive to watch these videos, maybe it's just me.

In anycase, I recommend checking it out, and I suggest that you sign up and get a free membership. It's worth it.


Pixelante T-Shirt Design Contest

[Media: Swag]

Game Politics is holding a T-Shirt Contest to create a better Pixelante shirt design. For those who are unfamiliar with the term Pixelante, it can be described as such:

Pixelante is a term coined by Jack Thompson to describe what he believes to be corrupted members of the computer and video game community, driven to harassment, threats, violence, and other illegal activities as a result of games like Grand Theft Auto and Bully.

Thompson officially defined pixelantes as "sociopaths with mouses," and alleged that pixelantes used "the name of the First Amendment and freedom of speech" in order to threaten him. Thompson also referred to pixelantes as "pimple-faced geeks who use death threats to drive people of faith and with values from the public square," towards the end of his statement.

Go check out the other shirts, there's some other good designs over there, and then vote on your favorite.


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Light Display

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Take a look at this house which has 16000 lights on it, which turn off and on in time with music from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The guy who set all of this up definitely went to great lengths to set this up. Truly amazing.

The picture above is not actually the house from the video, but the footage is fairly low quality so I'm sure you'll forgive me.

Link (via Pixel Kill)

Adam Phillips: Little Foot

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I've made some slight mention of Adam Phillips' Flash animation before, but it was never a full post. If you've never seen his Brackenwood Flash films, then you're really in for a treat.

Little Foot is the latest installment of the Brackenwood series, and like the rest it's full of quality music, animation, strange and wonderful creatures and a sense of mischief. Take a look and enjoy.



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This video is parodying Apple's I-Switch commercials, except it talks about the "problems" of total strangers reading your Blog and how your Blog suddenly turns into a "job" instead of a hobby. Fortunately Autoblogger fixes that by writing your Blog entries for you!

This video is like a debate going on in my head about my Blog. I hate it when people I don't know read this site! Stop it! Go away! Who is a big liar and likes getting lots of people coming to his site? Me.

In related news, this site breached 50,000 hits earlier this week. Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back to read this silly site, I'm glad people are enjoying it so far.

Link (via Kevin)

The Weekly Un-Postables

From Boing Boing:
Giant Drinking Birds
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New thermobaric weapon used by Marines in Iraq

Jack Thompson Thrown off Alabama Case by Judge
Mario Question Block Speakers
The Samus Mystique - An Essay on Samus and Strong Female Characters
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Weekly Roundup

I'm a Human Inbox's Favorite Post of the Week:
Copy Goes Here

There were lots of great stuff to post about this week, but I had a lot of fun watching Copy Goes Here, which is a nice short film about a weird office job. If you haven't seen this yet, you should check it out, otherwise, this video got 20 clicks this week.

Reader's Favorite Post of the Week:
Gorillaz: Feel Good Inc Live

This live performance of the Gorillaz was actually my first choice for my favorite this week, but readers beat me to it! A couple of sites such as Pixel Kill linked to this one so it got 57 clicks this week.

I'm still quite amazed by how they pulled this off, I'd definitely like a more detailed explanation about what's going on here. How do you get 3D characters to appear as if they're onstage walking around?