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Friday, November 18, 2005

An 11 Year Quest to Create Colored Bubbles

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The idea of coloured bubbles, and seeing grown men so passionate about them, makes me smile. I found myself reading through this rather lengthy article this morning and thoroughly enjoying it. I had never thought about blowing coloured bubbles before, and despite its seemingly-simple nature, it is in practice quite difficult to produce. It went through a process of 11 years in order to unlock the secret.

...in an effort to make real an idea he had more than 10 years ago, one he's been told repeatedly cannot be realized: a colored bubble.

No, not the shimmering rainbow effect you see when the light catches a clear soap bubble. Kehoe's bubble would radiate a single, vibrant hue throughout the entire sphere—a green bubble, an orange bubble, a hot-pink bubble. It's a bubble that can make CEOs giggle and stunned mothers tear up in awe. It's a bubble you don't expect to see, conditioned as you are to the notion that soap bubbles are clear. An unnaturally beautiful bubble.

Kehoe made a bubble like that when he was 26, after only two years of trashed countertops and chemical fires. He showed it to toy-company executives, who called it a "holy grail." And then it broke, as bubbles always do. And when it did, the dye inside escaped onto clothes and carpets and walls and skin, staining everything it touched. The execs told him to come back with a bubble they could wash off their boardroom table.

There is also a Photo and Video Gallery worth checking out, and this product will launch sometime this February.

Link (via Boing Boing)