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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Canadian Liberal Goverment Has Been Dissolved

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Taking a break from largely nerdy topics and into mainstream politics, it is important to note that Canada is having an early election. The Liberals which made up a Minority Government just lost a vote of confidence, and thus lost power. I'm amazed though that our government has stayed in power for 17 months as it is.

Canadian voters will be heading to the polls, likely sometime in January, after the opposition brought down the minority government in a no-confidence vote Monday evening.

The motion passed easily in a 171 to 133 vote, triggering an election campaign one year and five months after Canadians last went to the polls.

Here's to hoping that I'll take the time to sit down and listen to some political debate. Although I am passionate about a number of issues, mainstream politics rarely touches on the points that I am strongly interested and involved in.