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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Football Player Bobby Martin

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This Blog is definitely not the place you want to come to if you're into sports, and before this post, the number of sports related posts was effectively zero. Unless you take into consideration extreme sports like Lava Sledding or QuakeCon events of course.

So what makes this post different? If you've already taken a glance at the picture above you'll notice that the football player above, Bobby Martin, has no legs.

The story in a nutshell involved a rather stubborn and defiant young man by the name of Bobby Martin who was born without any legs. His three-foot tall body starts at his pelvis and that's it. Never knowing a life with legs, Bobby from an early age just adapted to using his arms and the pendulum motion of his body for movement. And after perfecting this method of locomotion for 17 years - and seeing it first hand - I can tell you this kid can move with the best of them. This is the ONLY life he's ever known.

So when he wanted to go try out for the football team that was perfectly natural to him. Like any man his age, he wants to be active and play sports. Football would be one answer. (Bobby also wrestles and is a shot putter.) The article went on to explain the absurdity of why Bobby was disqualified in his fourth game of the season (after playing in three without incident) for not wearing shoes, knee or thigh pads.

Check out the link to see some really good picture of Bobby, and some extra information about him. I swear that for the first minute I thought the pictures were photoshopped or that I was reading an article from The Onion. I'll have to do some extra digging to see if I can find a video of Bobby Martin in action.

Link (via Giant Mecha)