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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Free Two Week World of Warcraft Trial

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So, I must be the last person in the World that hasn't "officially" played World of Warcraft. I played the Beta for a couple of days, and got bored, mostly due to the lag. I've stayed away from WoW for a couple of reasons. One, I don't have the time to play a subscription game. Two, I hate "getting to know people" when I'm playing online games. I hate interacting with people in online games, it's just not fun for me. I've realized after playing Asheron's Call, Everquest, Anarchy Online, Asheron's Call 2 and finally City of Heroes, that I like the idea of an online RPG much more than I enjoy the execution of it.

That being said, a two week trial might be just the thing that gets me hooked. How awful would that be? I'm going to wait off until my exams are done, but I think I'll take Fileplanet up on their 2 Week offer. How can I refuse?

Link (via Kotaku)