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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Glukoza: Shvanie

[Media: Music Video]

This video has been on my radar for a while, but I disliked the embedded Flash video because it's very slow loading. Despite that, it's a video which is worth checking out.

Music video for Russian band Glukoza's song 'Shvayne'. The song relates to the 60th anniversary of the allied victory against the Nazis in the second world war.

The video is completely computer animated, and it's done really well, although the message is fairly clear. Hitler and the Nazis are quite literally pigs in this video, and there's some sort of rebel Resistance, which turns into a Lord of the Rings battle at the end of the video. Come to think of it, their other videos also have Lord of the Rings influences.

Again, the Flash Version of the video sucks, but I've managed to track down a DivX version of it. Gillen has been nice enough to allow me to link to it, but the file is 60 MB so don't download it unless you're sure you want it.

If you end up liking this video, or the song, you can check out a few other Glukoza videos here

Link (via Gillen)