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Monday, November 14, 2005

Gorillaz: Feel Good Inc Live

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I really enjoyed the anime style that the music video for Feel Good Inc had, but seeing what they did for a the live performance is a little mind boggling.

To make Pepper’s Ghost appear, someone offstage would be highlighted so that the light waves bounced off a piece of glass, strategically placed at an angle. The reflected image would appear to be onstage. It is the same principle used in fighter aircraft, where a ghostly image of graphic flight and radar data float before the pilot.

Even with a description like that, I still have a hard time understanding how it was done. Even though the characters look obviously 3D animated, they still look like they're standing up there on stage.

Update: There's a new video of the Gorillaz doing a live performance, except this time it's alongside Madonna at the Grammies. I still don't know how they do this, and Madonna can be seen walking infront of and behind the projected characters.

Link (via Drawn)