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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I want a Nintendo DS for Christmas

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I love the above picture, which aptly puts the discussion about whether it's worth getting a DS over the Sony PSP into sharp context. When the PSP wireless hotspots are deserted, and the only customer is someone who is eagerly playing with their DS, you know the debate has been settled. For this year, at least, the DS is the handheld to own.

And I feel so strange in saying this, but I want a DS for Christmas. For a long time, I had zero interest in acquiring another gaming platform, let alone a handheld. I have two consoles, a Gamecube and an Xbox. I have a gameboy advance, and love it for turn based strategies and small bouts of gaming while my lectures become boring. But I don't need another handheld. That's not the point though, because I now want a DS.

The reason I want a DS is simple: Mario Kart. Mario Kart holds a power over me which is embarrassing, and I'd break all carefully laid spending-habit rules in order to acquire it. The only thing left to do, is convince my parents that a DS is a good idea. What I'll need to do, is rent (somehow) a DS and a copy of Nintendogs and leave it in the kitchen of my parents house, for everyone knows that furry puppies can break a mother's resolve.