I'm a Human Inbox

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I'm A Human Inbox's 1000th Post

Can you believe that I've done 1000 posts here on I'm a Human Inbox? I definitely can't. It shows just how much time I put into this site, when I probably should have been feeding the hungry and shealtering the homeless. This site has bordered on an obsessive habit for me, and most of my friends think I'm crazy for sinking so much time on here, although I think they're all crazy because they're off playing World of Warcraft.

But I've been having fun, and I've been learning a lot of skills (like sweet bo-staff skills) that I think will pay off in some unexpected way in the future. I hope that people who read this site are enjoying it, that's what it's here for.

So for the people who haven't been reading for very long, I've made a list of my 25 top favorite posts since this site's conception. There's no particular order here, just the order in which I found them. I'll also be making another mention of a different milestone for this site in the next couple of weeks.

If you have a favorite post that isn't on the list, leave a comment and let everyone know why you're right and how my list sucks.

Shaolin Vs. Buddha
Matrix Table Tennis
Lost Hope
NES Buckle
OK Go: A Million Ways
Best Moped Commercial Ever
Sita Sings the Blues
Russian Dance Contest
Decorer, process of cheerful decoration
Real Life Tetris
The Sun: Romantic Death
Family Guy: Take on Me
This Spartan Life: Halo 2 Talk Show
End of the World
Voltron Gets Served
Nintendo On
Spin: The Power of Music
Chinese Ice and Snow World
Dancing Matt
Chinese Dance Troup
Pure Pwnage
That One Guy
Nutragrain Commercial